MWISP: 28/05 – 02/06

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Forgot to post this on Sunday (and Monday and Tuesday), because I spend the majority of the day in the train, or sleeping.. But here we are, my week in pictures!

Went to see my favourite band in Utrecht on Thursday, and that of course meant eating at McDonalds!

IMG_3247 IMG_3257 IMG_3261
I had to buy birthday cards for my cousins who turned 17 and 18, and for my friend who turned 21. Saw this card (it played music), and it reminded me of HobbitCon, when we sang and danced the Kabouterdans. Tanja had bought the Ten book from the 50th anniversary book thingies, and for me she’d bought the Eleven book. I just had to make a picture of these pair-a-docs. And Gollum came back again, this time wearing a John Watson-worthy jumper. He was so proud of his little jumper!

IMG_3266 IMG_3276 20130604-005143.jpg
I shared a coke with David (Tennant)… Oh, I wish. And I went to travel a bit more this week. I had a party in Heerlen on Saturday, spend a total of seven hours on the train & bus, but it was worth it! I brought one of my favourite books, and I had David (the bottle ofc) with me.

I decided to sit in the quiet area in the train, because I can’t concentrate on reading when there’s a lot of people talking around me. Luckily, it remained quiet for most of the trip, though some old ladies suddenly decided to fuck the system, and talk out loud.

Saw this one staring at me from the platform in Weert (I think). Awesome.

Books read: May 2013.
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.