While last BtS post was dominated by London, this one will be dominated by… KITTENS! Yes, our fat little Disney finally gave birth to a bundle of floofs and I am so so happy. Honestly, I think these kittens have cured my depression (ok no they haven’t but they’re close). And when I say ‘dominated’ I literally mean dominated, because I think kittens is the only thing I’ve taken pictures of these past two weeks.

L: I think at this point, Disney was so done with having these little babies in her womb. She had gotten even bigger and she looked so sad walking around. R: I decided to put together the books and funko’s I bought in London. Not a bad haul, in my opinion!

L: I always love it when this tree is in bloom. It doesn’t last long, though, the street’s already covered in little pink leafs, but it looks so so so pretty! R: This happens every time my sister’s dog is over and my dad goes upstairs. Until someone else comes downstairs or my dad comes back, she’ll stay there by the door.

L: We still don’t know what it was, but apparently Jut had rolled around in something that made him smell really good and allowed us to put his hairs like this. R: And on Saturday 22 April Disney was finally going into labour. My mum and I stayed with her for the whole time, and at one point I held these four little kittens. We thought that’d be it, as it looked like she was done, but at one point my dad mentioned she’d pushed out another kitten, and less than a minute after that, she delivered the last one – a ginger!

L: On Sunday, I decided to go to Popshop to pick up my order. I’d ordered three Funko’s; two of which were mine and another for a friend as a birthday present. I was so hapy when I saw Newt on their website, as it’s literally sold out everywhereR: One of the tiny kittens! Just look at how fluffy and cute and small she is!

L: Initially, we were planning on keeping only one – because we already have three cats and one extra would be alright to keep, but then Disney had both a tortoiseshell one ánd a ginger, and we were incredibly conflicted. Still, we decided to keep them both, and now we have Nori (left) and Maki (right). R: Using mum as a pillow, because why not?

L: On Wednesday, it was finally time for the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie! I had been looking forward to it so much since it was announced, and I have to say I loved it so so much. Not sure if it’s better than the previous one or just as good, but damn I loved it! R: Look at this cute little stomach and his cute little tongue. Ahhh. We’re almost certain there are three girls and three boys, though we’re not sure about two of them, but at least two girls and two boys which is awesome!

On Monday I’ll wrap up April!