(Book) Tag Thursday: Never Have I Ever…

Most of you probably know this game from all the sleepover parties you’ve had when you were a kid. We in the Netherlands didn’t really have something like this, I believe, or I just never played it. But someone made a Never Have I Ever Book Tag, that I found on Nerdy Geeky Fanboy. Let’s do this.

Never Have I Ever… Started a book but didn’t finish

I have definitely done this! In fact, according to Goodreads there have been nine books I started but ended up DNF-ing halfway through. I do always try to get at least halfway through a book before I decide to DNF it, or at least get to the 100-page mark. What makes me DNF a book? It varies, honestly, but mostly it’s just disinterest in the story, I guess. There are also plenty of books I’ve put down, with the intention of picking them up later again.

Never Have I Ever… Owned several copies of the same book

I have! I own three separate copies of Philosopher’s Stone; a Dutch edition, the English ‘adult’ edition and the Jim Kay illustrated edition. I have another edition on pre-order (the Slytherin cover) and two more on my wishlist. Both hardcover and the same cover, but one in Welsh and the other in English.

Never Have I Ever… Cried because of a fictional character

I have, honestly fictional characters is what I cry about 24/7. The last book that made me full-out sob was Crooked Kingdom though, and movie-wise it’s been Rogue One.

Never Have I Ever… Dog-eared a page

I haven’t, at least not recently. I used to do it when I was younger, especially to my Harry Potter books, not now I use either a bookmark or my phone to mark a page, and those see-through tabs to mark favourite quotes. (This reminds me I need to buy new ones).

Never Have I Ever… Written fanfiction

I have and I have a (Harry Potter) story idea in my head that’s been there for years. Of course, I wrote the obligatory Harry Potter fanfiction when I was a teenager, but it was so awful that I would never ever show it to anyone. Now I just write my own stories, though I know these are influenced by my favourite fandoms.

Never Have I Ever… Read dirty/smutty fanfiction

I have never because that is totally not my thing. I’d rather read some fluffy fanfiction where everyone is happy and does cool things. I don’t like smut in actual books either, which is part of the reason I put down A Court of Mist and Fury. shrugs

Never Have I Ever… Read a book in one sitting or one day

I have! I once spent an entire day without internet, and I read one whole book that day and started another one. What helped, I guess, was that it was written in Dutch and I literally had nothing else to do that day, otherwise I probably would not have been able to finish that book.

Never Have I Ever… Used something that’s not a bookmark as a bookmark

I have, I do this all the time. Train tickets, clothing tabs, notes, my cat’s tail, my phone, I’ll use anything I can find that’s flat, honestly. I do have a bookmark that I almost always carry around with me, but when I can’t find it I just put the thing I can find in between the pages.

Never Have I Ever… Bought a book because of the cover

I have, guilty as charged. I can’t really think of a good example, but especially during the Boekenfestijn, I pick out books because their covers and titles look interesting and won’t read the synopsis until I’m sorting through the books at the end of the day.

Never Have I Ever… Liked the adaptation more than the book

I have! I love the Lord of the Rings movies more than the books because they are so big and so detailed that I just could not get through them. I did read them all, though I didn’t enjoy them as much as I loved the movies. I also really liked the 100 TV series, even though I DNF-ed the first book.

Never Have I Ever… Spilt a drink over my book

I have, I think it’s either Goblet of Fire or Deathly Hallows – the Dutch editions – that have weird purple stains on the side of the book. I don’t know what it was, but I know it was something liquid that I spilt over it. Oh well, nostalgia I guess.

Never Have I Ever… Cracked the spine of a book

I have, and I love doing it. For me, it makes the book easier to read, and honestly, they’re my books, so I can do with them whatever I want, right? Of course, if I borrow someone else’s book, I’m going to be very careful with them, unless they already show signs of being read of course (then, still, I will be careful).

So that’s the end of the Never Have I Ever book tag. If you have any nice tags I could fill in, let me know in a comment and I will check them out!

Did you do this book tag?