Behind the Scenes

Wrap-Up: April 2017

Oh wow, I can’t believe April is almost over already! This month, I went to London for the first time in my life and my cat finally gave birth to a bunch of adorable kittens! But for now, let’s wrap up this month!

Books bought, received

Physical Books:

Ehm, yeah oops? I went a little bit overboard with my book buying this month, and my only excuse is that I was in London at the Waterstones and I’d made a list and I couldn’t find any of those books, apart from Replica. Besides, my main goal for not buying more than three books a month for the past couple of months was so I could spend more money in London. And I did just that. At least I only bought books that were already on my TBR on Goodreads, so I won’t be adding any more books to that neverending list!

Digital Books:

I still had a little bit of money on my credit card, so I decided to add The Moth and the Flame to my Kobo shopping basket as it was only 1 dollar. I got the BaTB manga from Netgalley, because I saw it and thought ‘yes give it to me’, I believe it’s more based on the new movie rather than the old one or the original story, and I have yet to read it – but there is a large copyright sign through every page that I’ve looked at so far so it’s kind of ruined my reading experience.

Other Purchases

  • Queenie Goldstein’s wand – I finally bought Queenie’s wand! I was going to buy it a lot sooner, but I decided I kind of wanted to wait until I got to London. I bought this from the shop at the Studio tour, and I am so happy with it! It’s so pretty ahh! Now my cosplay is a little more complete!
  • Harry Potter Pins – I had bought a cool Slytherin pin at the studio as well, only to lose it on our way back to the hotel. So when we were at Primark a couple of days later and I saw these for 3 pounds, I decided to buy them as a consolation.
  • Quibbler travel card holder – While we were at the House of MinaLima, and I was about to pay, I saw this travel card holder. I’d been wanting to buy one for a while, but I couldn’t find any that shouted ‘BUY ME’ until this one. I love Luna, and I loved the design of this Quibbler. So yeah, obviously.
  • Oyster Card – Of course, if you go to London you need to travel by tube a lot. So I bought an Oyster Card to save having to buy a ticket every time. I think I added up to 40, maybe 50 pounds on it for five days and I even managed a ferry ride with it!
  • Slytherin & Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes buttons – These were the buttons I bought at MinaLima, and I’m so happy! The Slytherin one is so cool, and I bought the WWW one because I loved the colours and of course the Weasley twins are amazing!
  • Newt Scamander & Tina Goldstein Funko – A friend of mine is celebrating her birthday soon, and she had a small list of Funkos she wanted. I browsed the webshop of my local Funko shop and saw they had Newt up again. Added tina because I didn’t want Newt to be lonely and there I was, buying Funkos again. Oops.
  • Harry Potter Funko – I saw this one at the Waterstones, standing kinda lonely on a shelf that it did not belong on. I am very happy I saw it though because this ‘normal’ Harry is sold out everywhere. I can only find the OoTP Harry, and I don’t want that one because it doesn’t match with my Hermione and Ron Funkos.
  • Rose Tyler Funko – Again a Funko that’s sold out almost everywhere, but not at Forbidden Planet! They had so many shelves filled with Funkos and even a separate Doctor Who shelf. I kinda wish I had bought Ten as well because I can’t find it anywhere now.
  • Jyn Erso Funko – Even though I have two Cassian Funkos, I decided he was lonely and needed his girlfriend. So I brought Jyn with me because I love her so much. My plan is to get the whole Rogue One crew together, but first Funko needs to go and make a Bodhi Funko!!!!!

  • Pink Floyd crop top – I needed this Pink Floyd design on a t-shirt for my Quicksilver cosplay, and while I could have gone to Aliexpress or Ebay I kinda wanted to get it from H&M (because I like their t-shirts better, often). Then, they finally got a new batch of band shirts, including this crop top. Still, I bought it and I am actually very happy with how it looks!
  • Grumpy Cat t-shirt – When I bought this shirt, the guy at the register laughed out loud. I also got compliments from the people at Mod Pizza when I wore it two days later. Best. Purchase. Ever.
  • MACUSA t-shirt – I saw this at Primark and decided immediately to buy it, partly because that what you see in the picture is the back of the shirt. I loved the Fantastic Beast movie and I couldn’t wait for Primark to get some FB merch!
  • Power Puff Girls socks – My first purchase in London (if you don’t count food & the Oyster card). When I saw them I may have sobbed, because PPG have been my youth and I love socks in general. So win/win.
  • Harry Potter shoes – First day in London I saw these cool Mickey Mouse shoes that I didn’t buy for no particular reason at all. Later on, I was thinking I kind of still wanted to buy those shoes, so we went to a different Primark… Where I saw these Harry Potter shoes. The last pair. In my size. SO HAPPY.
  • Beach dress – I’m going to Lanzarote in July, so I am already looking for summery and beachy things. I saw this at the Lidl and thought ‘oh well why not’.
 Read, watched, started



Did I read/watch what I said I would?

Well, I can already say that I kind of failed this month, even without looking at what I said I’d watch and read. Partly due to London, partly due to depression and partly due to newborn kittens, I hardly watched anything and I didn’t read much either. Still, I am ahead of schedule on my reading challenge and I haven’t really set a goal for movies or TV shows at all, so I’m not too ‘sad’ about it.

Did I read: Rogue One, The Flame in the Mist, The One Memory of Flora Banks, The Subtle Knife, With Malice, A+X vol. 1, The Force Awakens, Iron Fist vol. 3
Did I watch: Before I Fall, Guardians of the Galaxy: vol. 2, The Lost City of Z, Iron Fist, Thirteen Reasons Why

I guess better luck next time? I am watching a TV show now though, so I guess that’s progress. Partly because my best friend wanted to rewatch the first season of Legion and suggested we watch it together. And technically I didn’t read that Rogue One book, but I did read another one, so it still counts, I guess?

Next month

May is my birthday month, I am turning 25, damn! I will be celebrating it for my family of course, and I’m thinking about inviting some friends over some day next month. Other than that, I am going to try to read more and especially watch more movies and TV shows. And enjoy the kittens, of course, while I still can.

Want to read: The One Memory of Flora Banks, The Book of Life Novelization, Replica, Caraval, The Circle, Hex
Want to watch: Legion S1, The Circle, POTC 5, A Dog’s Purpose, King Arthur, Iron Fist

See you next month!