Top Ten Tuesday

Six Fandoms I Am In

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about fandoms, which fandoms you’re in, which ones you think are the coolest, etc. I’m going to talk about six fandoms I’m in, and how I got into them. I could have gotten up to ten, but I decided to just use the six I am really actively a ‘member’ of at the moment, instead of naming four more that I kind of like but don’t really feel a part of. (To be honest, there are lots of good but also bad things about each of these fandoms that I am mentioning, and I am not at all saying they are the best). Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme organised by The Broke and the Bookish.

Marvel – I believe one of the first movies I watched in this franchise is Thor, because I loved mythology and I really wanted to find out what this movie was about. It was a great movie, and I still love it very much. Then, I decided to watch The Avengers, but I didn’t like it at all. I had no idea what was going on and I actually almost fell asleep at some point. Two years ago I decided to just watch all the Marvel movies that were out at that point, and then I fell deep into the Marvel fandom. It’s still one of my biggest (if not the biggest) fandom I am in at the moment, and I love it very much. I’ve read comics, books, I’ve cosplayed characters and have lots of cosplay plans for characters. Yes I love Marvel! Also yes, I count X-Men as part of the Marvel fandom.

Harry Potter – Of course I cannot make a fandom post without talking about my first fandom, Harry Potter. I was a little girl when I first watched the movies and read the books, and I fell back into the HP rabbit hole when I got onto tumblr so many years ago. I love this franchise to bits, especially now that we’re getting five Fantastic Beasts movies! I’ve met some of the actors, cosplayed my favourite character and am making one for another fav and I will definitely go to midnight premieres of the upcoming movies!

Star Wars – A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… I was too busy with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to even care about Star Wars. Until The Force Awakens came out in 2015 and I was like ‘hmm maybe I should watch those old movies’. I did, and though I didn’t love them, I certainly enjoyed them. My fall down the Star Wars trash chute didn’t come until I saw The Force Awakens, and to date that is still my favourite Star Wars movie (although Rogue One is also in first place. They share the top spot). Recently I met an actor from Rogue One which makes me the happiest girl on the planet. I am also planning on cosplaying at least one, maybe two characters and yes I love it!

Doctor Who – Six years ago I went to Cardiff for the first time. There I picked up some Doctor Who stuff because I knew someone who was a big fan at that time. Then, I started to wonder what the show was about, and I decided to watch the first season. I fell head-over-heels in love with the Doctor, his companions and that big blue box. I went to Cardiff again a couple of years later to visit filming locations, go to the Doctor Who Experience and buy lots of DW stuff. At the moment I am very much anticipating the new season, and I really do not care about all the hate the show’s been getting.

Disney – Ok, no, I’m sorry Harry but this is my oldest fandom. I was practically raised on Disney movies, and according to my parents my sister and I even watched them in English from an early age. There hasn’t been a(n animated) Disney movie that I really didn’t like, and I can’t wait to see more of their movies. The fact that two of my other fandoms (Marvel and Star Wars, in case you’re wondering) are now property of Disney kind of makes this my biggest fandom, I guess.

Tolkien – My sister didn’t want me to watch The Fellowship of the Ring because she thought I’d be scared of the orcs. She was wrong. (What really terrified me was that scary face Bilbo made when he saw the ring in Rivendell). At an early age, I was in love with the Lord of the Rings movies. We even went to see the last one in the cinema (though I was officially too young to see it then). When the Hobbit movies came out, I was back in Middle Earth and it is still my biggest dream to travel to New Zealand and see where these movies were filmed. I’ve been to four HobbitCons which have been the happiest moments of my life and I will treasure those weekends forever!

What’s your biggest fandom?