Oh wow, March is over already! April is coming up, and I am very excited for April for various reasons, which you no doubt have heard me talk about on this blog before! But for now, we’re going to wrap up March and see what I’ve read, watched and bought this month!

Books bought, received

Physical books:

Look I am very good at not buying more than three physical books each month! I actually wanted to spend the two book vouchers I still have, but I decided to keep those until at least next month. Besides two of these books were heavily discounted (€5 each) so I didn’t spend that much money either!

Digital books:

But yeah, I did get a couple of e-books, though I have already read one of these, and I will read two of these next month before they come out in May, but still – yeah. Four of these books are books I am very much looking forward to reading though, so I will probably read them soon! (No promises, of course, you know me)

Other purchases

  • Queenie Goldstein’s coat – I was browsing Large and saw that they not only had Queenie’s coat on sale but that there were only two sizes available (L and XL). I panicked a little bit and decided to spend the last money I had on this coat because I really wanted it for my cosplay and I was afraid that if the website sold out they would not get any more in the future. It’s amazing though and I do not regret this purchase at all.
  • Cassian Andor & Poe Dameron Funkos – I decided that I wasn’t going to Dutch Comic Con as I would have to buy a €25 ticket, get a train ticket to Utrecht ánd then I would probably still buy some merch. So instead I just told Tanja that if she found either of these Funko’s, she’d have to buy them for me. She found both, and I was so conflicted I just had her buy both of them for me (with my own money, of course). I am happy though!!
  • Age of Ultron poster – She also got me a poster of Age of Ultron which I really like. It’s got my favourite character (Maximoffs, of course) on it and though it’s not an official movie poster I think it’s really cool!
  • Apple candles – I love the smell of apples, and when I saw these candles (the red one is from Albert Heijn, the green one from Ikea) I had to get them! I love the green one best, as it smells like green apples and ahhhhh yes I love it!
  • Black shoes – Since I got rid of my Vans, I didn’t own any comfortable black shoes anymore. I had blue Converse shoes, but I still wanted a black pair. I told my mum she could look for shoes for me, and she brought home these which are from Primark and very comfortable!
Read, watched, started

Titles with an asterisk (*) are rereads or rewatches



Did I read/watch what I said I would?

At the end of the month, I always make a little list of books I want to read and movies I want to watch in the upcoming month. While they are mostly just ‘guidelines’, I am going to make this little section to see whether I’ve actually read and watched the things I said I would. Titles that are like this have been actually read/watched.

Did I read: Stargirl, Stolen, Dragon’s Green, World After, Snow Like Ashes, Old Man Logan, Ms Marvel vol 4: Last Days, Gone Without a Trace
Did I see? Kong: Skull Island, Hidden Figures, Beauty and the Beast, Ghost in the Shell, The Space Between Us, Elysium, Dirty Dancing 2

Oh well, not too bad. Most movies I wanted to see this month were cinema movies, and my ‘problem’ was that halfway through the month I fell down the stairs so badly, I didn’t want to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I did see Kong two days after that incident, but still, I didn’t want to be uncomfortable on the bus so I skipped most of these movies.

As for books, I think I did really well. I am currently still reading one of the books, so that is seven out of eight books I wanted to read down.

Next month

I am going to London next month, ahhhhhhh! I am so excited, even though I still don’t know what I want to see when I get there. Probably the ‘main’ attractions you know; Big Ben and stuff like that. We’re going a mostly Potter-themed week; going to the studio tour, seeing The Cursed Child, doing a Potter-themed escape room and of course we’re going to shop a lot. I’ve made a little list of things I want to buy there, but I’ll probably buy lots of things I haven’t thought of yet.

Other than that, it’s King’s Day in our country at the end of the month, and I can’t wait to go into town and look at all the stuff people want to sell. Usually, I buy Tolkien related stuff, and I hope I can keep to that ‘tradition’ this year.

Want to read: Rogue One, The Flame in the Mist, The One Memory of Flora Banks, The Subtle Knife, With Malice, A+X vol. 1, The Force Awakens, Iron Fist vol. 3
Want to see: Before I Fall, Guardians of the Galaxy: vol. 2, The Lost City of Z, Iron Fist, Thirteen Reasons Why

See you in April!