March is over already, and we’re approaching April, aka the month I am finally going to London. But first I’m going to show you some pictures I made in the second part of March!

I read the fourth Ms. Marvel volume, which made me a bit sad. I will definitely pick up volume 5 soon, maybe in London if I can find it and it’s not too expensive. Because this is honestly one of my favourite comic series and I love Kamala so so much!

I might go back to school either next September or next year. Not 100% sure I’m actually going to this school, but they have one of the best English educations in my country, so yeah. Unfortunately, I probably need to make some tests before I am even allowed to try out for this school, so that’s why I’m probably going to wait until next year (2018) to start.

She was so sleepy, but she wanted my food! Also, she’s getting pretty fat, and we’re sure she’s carrying at least more than two kittens. Our last cat was pregnant with two, and she wasn’t as big as Disney is now, halfway through the pregnancy. We’ll see when it’s time, I guess!

This cat lives in the neighbourhood where I deliver mail, and he always wants my attention. This time he ran with me a lot further than he normally does, so I guess he was pretty lonely. Ugh, I love cats so much!

For a feature on Zwartraafje’s blog, I had to spell my name with book titles. At first, I was like ‘oh shit I want to spell both my names but I don’t have the right books’, but then I looked over my bookshelves a second time and found my entire name! Let’s just ignore the ‘the’ in front of the first book, shall we! 😉

Pokémon Go had organised a Water Festival event where water Pokémon spawned more often around you. So Tanja and I went on a trip to Kijkduin because we literally had nothing better to do on a Friday night.

While there, I finally got myself a Totodile, which is honestly just my Pokémon. Every game I have played so far I have chosen a water Pokémon, and the game I played most was Pokémon Crystal – which has the Gen 2 Pokémon as starters, so I always picked Totodile. I’m so happy I finally have one! And I caught enough Squirtles so I could evolve my Wartortle into a Blastoise! FINALLY!

What do you do when you’re not doing to Comic Con to save money? Right, you get your best friend to buy you two Funkos because she is going. I’d been looking for this version of Poe for a long time, because I didn’t really like the normal ones of him that were out (him in his flight suit and… another? I don’t remember which one); Tanja found one at Dutch X-Mas Con but it was the last one. But this time, Popshop had both Poe and the other version of Cassian (I know, I already have the fluffy coat Cassian but I wanted leather jacket Cassian as well. I love Cassian).

Disney loves ‘stealing’ our food, and we had some chicken left over, so we fed it to her. This is such a great picture because she’s literally throwing heart-eyes to that piece of chicken while having a tiny piece in her mouth, hahaha!

Ever since seeing Fantastic Beasts for the first time, I had wanted to cosplay something from that movie. Tanja and I decided we would cosplay the Goldstein sisters, with her being Tina and me being Queenie. Then, Large – an alternative webshop – started selling this coat, an exact replica of Queenie’s coat in the movie. A couple of days ago I saw it discounted on their website and noticed there were only two sizes left (Large and Extra Large). I panicked a little bit and decided I was going to spend the last bit of money I had left on this coat because I really wanted it. It arrived the next day and it. is. so. GORGEOUS. It fits really well and it’s so pretty and not at all cheap-looking. (I mean it originally €100 so it better not be cheap-looking). It even has a wand pocket!

I saw this book for around €5 on Bookdepository and decided to order it because I really loved the movie and I’d been curious about this book for a while. I also pre-ordered the Rogue One book (a new edition is coming out in April) because I also loved that movie (perhaps a bit more than TFA?!). So next month I will be reading all the Star Wars (ok maybe not everything, shh).

finally got a special item in Pokémon Go, which meant I could finally evolve one of my Pokémon! I now have this totally awesome Slowking, and I can’t wait to get more special items (though they’re really rare, apparently).

We went to see Beauty and the Beast, and they had this large display of Guardians of the Galaxy, where you could sit next to the Guardians. And Baby Groot was on Peter’s shoulder so I decided to make a selfie with Groot! Look at how cute he is ahhhh!

And that concludes March for me! I’m very much looking forward to next month, and I will try to make a lot of pictures when I’m in London (like I always say but never do).

See you in the next post!