Behind the Scenes

My Week in 7 Pictures: 20/05 – 27/05.

I kinda forgot to blog yesterday, because I was gone for almost the whole day, so here we go. My week in seven (or more) photos, from 20 May until 27 May.


The last three books I ordered arrived (I haven’t got a picture of The Name of the Star, though).


My dad (I think) had drawn three heads on the whiteboard in our kitchen. I made the one with the bow-tie into the Doctor.


The Sphynx that had been in our garden a while ago came back, and came into our house, to play with our own cats, who still thought he was a bit strange. I’ve named him Gollum/Smeagol, because the cat reminds me of him.


I kinda accidentally dressed up as the tenth doctor, I was only missing a long brown coat and a matching jacket to go with my trousers.


I was reading “Shroud of Sorrow” (first picture) and “The Name of the Star” (second picture) and I saw some things I liked.

IMG_3229 IMG_3230

I bought an apple necklace, to go with my Amy Pond cosplay, and decided to make it red with some nailpolish. I wanted to draw a face on it as well (because of the face-apple in The Eleventh Hour) but that looked really weird.


Went to watch the Hobbit with Tanja and her mum, and we went to the Albert Heijn first to get something to eat and drink. And then we saw these. Wouter and Bart were the previous singers of Only Seven Left, which is my favourite band.