I haven’t really been that active on my blog lately, because of several factors – but I am going to try to pick up blogging and especially reviewing soon. For now, I’m just going to treat you with another Behind the Scenes post!

Our little teen mum. We’re almost certain she’s pregnant now, but I guess we won’t know for 100% until she’s actually had the kittens. Anyway, we’re already thinking of names and hoping it’s not too many so we can just keep them all…

We went to see Logan again because we love crying about movies. It was still great, and there still was no end credit scene. Apparently, there was a Deadpool teaser before the movie in America, but the rest of the world didn’t get it. Until now, because apparently now our cinemas are showing it as well. *sighs*

I actually took a detour through the park when I went to the supermarket because this mofo was there. I’d been wanting to catch him for a while, but every time he was at a Pokéstop I couldn’t get to that easy. But now I have him, yay! (My friend told me he looked like Pingu, so that’s his nickname now).

I went along with my sister to her school to get my hair dyed. I chose a black colour with a blue-ish glow and it looks really nice!

I can never eat these things without spilling crumbs all over the table, the plate, my legs, everywhere.

I finally received the pre-order goodie for Carve the Mark! I had actually given up on it because it was past the 6 weeks the publisher had told us it would take to arrive, but then suddenly people in my country started receiving it and the day after I got it too. I’ve heard some bad things about it though, so I’m pretty scared to read it now.

The puppy came to visit, and of course little miss Disney Princess decided to commandeer her basket.

finally had pizza again! It’s been way too long since I’ve had any, and I was very happy when my parents agreed to my suggestion to get pizza! (Partly because we had a huge discount and had €10 off our whole order, yay!)

I decided to rewatch The Force Awakens, and I still loved it very much. But this time I have to say I cried more while seeing Carrie Fisher on screen than I did when Han Solo died (I hardly cried the first time because I was expecting it already). Don’t know what I’m going to do when The Last Jedi comes out…

A couple of days later my sister and I went to our older sister’s house. We made nachos, had tequila beer and watched four movies. Two of which were horror movies, and I honestly think I am either getting more used to horror movies, or they were just really crappy movies.

Halfway through the movies, we decided to play a bit of Cards Against Humanity, which is honestly my favourite card game. We also stayed over at my sister’s place that night, because it was around 1 am when the last movie ended. The next morning I decided I wanted to get downstairs quicker and fell down the attic stairs. While I could laugh about it then, at the moment I have huge bruises on my butt (I am not kidding, one of them is bigger than an egg) and I can’t sit/stand up or walk without being in pain. Awesome.

Tanja and I had wanted to go see Kong on Sunday, but I told her I wasn’t going anywhere that day. Instead, we went on Tuesday and decided to have dinner at Ikea (because she needed to get something for her dad). I ended up buying a scented candle, which smells like apple! And that concludes the first two weeks of March!

How was your month so far?