Signed Items I Own

Throughout the years I have been lucky enough to meet a bunch of actors and authors I love and get pictures and autographs with them. Today, I would like to share with you all the autographs I have acquired. I mostly have signed books, but I also have a pile of CDs and some other signed items. Since this is mostly a book blog, I am going to start off with the books, of course!

Signed by authors

First of all, we have two books signed by Julie Kagawa. I met her when she came to my local bookstore, while at the time I had only read one book of her (and that is not one I got signed). She was really sweet and I’m really happy I decided to go even though I had hardly read anything of her.

Next up we have Leigh Bardugo, who is possibly one of my favourite authors of all time. She came to Rotterdam for the release party of the Dutch edition of Six of Crows, and I ended up buying the beautiful (English) hardcover during that event to get signed by her. I also got Shadow and Bone signed because that’s the first book of her that I’ve read.

And last in this picture are Divergent and Allegiant, which I got signed by Veronica Roth. She was first announced at an event in Tilburg, which my sister and I got tickets for very quickly. Then, a couple of weeks later, my local bookstore announced she’d be signing there as well. So, naturally, I got tickets for that event too and got both the first and last book in one of my favourite series signed by her! (I dressed up as Tris for both events, and she complimented me both days, yay)

On this picture, I have books with bookplates. From left to right, top to bottom there’s: Jessica Khoury, Becky Albertalli, Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, Arwen Elys Dayton, Stephanie Perkins, Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen (not pictured).

While I did meet most authors pictured, the organisers of the event gave us bookplates rather than have us carry all these books with us to the event to get them signed. A very good idea from them, though some of the editions I owned didn’t really have enough space for bookplates (I have autographs of both authors from Lobsters, but Tom’s on the other page). The only author in this row that I didn’t meet personally is Jessica Khoury, I got this bookplate in the mail along with a map and bookmark for the book (and I have yet to read it, oops).

Signed by actors

I have also met a handful of actors, mostly ones that were in The Hobbit. I went to all four HobbitCons where I got autographs of a couple of my favourite actors. In this picture, I have Sylvester McCoy, John Bell, Jed Brophy and Dean O’Gorman in my Hobbit book. In the middle, I have my Deathly Hallows book, with on this page an autograph by Daniel Radcliffe! Next to that is a Doctor Who book signed by Catherine Tate, which I got thanks to my sister! Below there are two magazines, the left one with an autograph of Hugh Jackman and the right one is signed by Diego Luna. I met both these actors during the Berlin Film Festival that Tanja and I went to in February and I am so so so incredibly happy with these autographs!

We continue with some of the same items from the previous picture, but these have autographs on multiple pages, which aren’t easy to photograph together. So yeah, we continue with my Harry Potter book, with on this page an autograph by Alan Rickman. I was lucky enough to meet him when he came to The Hague months before he passed away. Next to that is another page in my Hobbit book, which is signed by Royd Tolkien, the great-grandson of the author J.R.R. Tolkien. Below is the Empire magazine again, with an autograph of Dafne Keen (who plays X-23/Laura in the movie). She was so cute and I was happy I could meet her at the film festival!

And the last ‘repeat’, here’s my Harry Potter book again, this page signed by Jason Isaacs who came to Dutch X-Mas Con last year. And on the last page of my Hobbit book is Sir Richard Taylor, who is the owner/co-founder of Weta workshop, who did all kinds of wonderful work on the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies!

Last but not least I have an autograph by Marnix van den Broeke, the actor who was in the Silence suit in Doctor Who and who also was one of two actors inside the werewolf suit in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He’s Dutch, which makes him even cooler! And next to that is a picture and autograph of Manu Bennett, who played Azog in The Hobbit and who was absolutely amazing (this picture was our third attempt, and for this, he actually called me back because he wanted to put on the Spectrespecs).

Other signed items

Furthermore, I have lots of CD’s signed by the bands. Most of my signed CD collection is Only Seven Left (everything on the right, and the bottom (purple) CD on the bottom left). But I also have a CD signed by Killerpilze (a birthday present from a friend, I used to be a huge fan of this band around my Tokio Hotel time) and some other Dutch bands as well. The CD with the bear was signed by a Swedish band called You Ate My Dog (although now they’re more known as ‘Like Torches’, I believe).

So yeah, that concludes my collection of signed items. I am very happy that I could have met all these wonderful authors and actors, and I really cannot wait to add more signed things to my collection in the years to come.

Do you have any signed books/items?