February is over and done, and naturally, it’s time for another wrap-up! I am starting to get really good at the not buying more than three books a month thing because I didn’t buy that many at all! Partly because I had a spontaneous trip to Berlin planned that required me to not spend too much money on other stuff. So yes, let’s wrap up February, shall we?

Books bought, received


I bought Wires and Nerve and The Rose Society from the American Book Center because we happened to be in Amsterdam and I had some vouchers I could spend on books. I know TRS is the second book, but it was only €3,99 so I couldn’t not buy it. I will buy the first book soon and read them! The Artemis Fowl book I got from a little library on my street. They have a box in their front yard and I noticed this book, decided to pick it out and bring it home with me. It’s Dutch though, but I don’t mind that much!


I got approved by Netgalley to read Becky’s new book, which excited me. I enjoyed it a little more than Simon, and I will post my review closer to the release date. Renée’s books I got from Kobo because the Wrath and the Dawn was only €0.99! The other two were free, so I decided to just add them as well. Gone Without a Trace I got through the First to Read program from Penguin Random House!

Magazines, DVD’s bought, received

I got Now You See Me 2 from Bol.com with a discount (normally DVD’s are between 15/20 euros once they come out, but later on Bol.com will lower the price to around 10 euros, which is when I will usually buy my DVD’s from them). The other three I got second hand from CEX, which cost me only 3 euros. For all of them. And I bought the new Empire magazine at the airport because it featured the new Wolverine movie, Logan, and a tribute to Carrie Fisher. I decided I wanted to get this magazine signed by the actors of Logan.


  • L’Uomo Vogue magazine, Dec ’16 (signed by Diego Luna)
  • Empire Magazine, March ’17 (signed by Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen)

Tanja and I went on a spontaneous trip to Berlin upon hearing Diego Luna was on the international jury for the Berlin Film Festival. Tanja had wanted to go already because the new Wolverine movie was premiering there, but we decided to definitely go after Diego’s announcement. We met the actors from Logan (Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen and Patrick Stewart) and Diego on two separate days (two days of waiting in the cold the whole day) and they were all so incredible and I love them so much!

Other things bought

Honestly, I can’t remember if I’ve bought much this month, other than the three items on the picture. I got a nice long coat from the Lidl because I needed a sort of spring/autumn coat that wasn’t a denim jacket. And in Berlin, I bought a little bear keychain to add to my collection. Also, my Scarlet Witch Civil War Dorbz arrived, and she’s so so so adorable! Other than this I mostly bought food in Berlin and paid for hotel rooms and plane tickets.

Read, watched, started

Titles with an asterisk (*) behind it are rereads/rewatches



Next Month

Honestly… I have nothing planned for March. I’m going to see a couple of movies, of course, and I will definitely see Logan again when it’s officially released, but other than that there’s nothing on my schedule. I’ve decided not to go to Dutch Comic Con as it would cost me a lot of money and I really want to save as much as I can for London in April. Especially after the spontaneous Berlin trip. I guess I might work on some cosplay things if I find the motivation for it. I still have some fabrics for a Rey cosplay, even though I already found a pair of pants for her, so I might finally make a start on that cosplay. And I guess I’m just going to work a lot.

Want to read: Stargirl, Stolen, Dragon’s Green, World After, Snow Like Ashes, Old Man Logan, Ms Marvel vol 4: Last Days, Gone Without a Trace
Want to see: Kong: Skull Island, Hidden Figures, Beauty and the Beast, Ghost in the Shell, The Space Between Us, Elysium, Dirty Dancing 2

How was your month?