And just like that, February is over! The last part of this month was very excited, because I went on a spontaneous trip to Berlin. They also finally released Gen 2 in Pokémon Go (though I don’t have any pictures of that in this post, oh well) and maybe, just maybe, we’ll have kittens soon.

Just look at the little paws! And the little face! And I love her so so so much! <3

Right as I was about to complain to the company I ordered her from, my Scarlet Witch Dorbz arrived! With the regular mailman, who was probably just as surprised at having to deliver a package as I was. Oh well, she’s here and she’s adorable!

And then it was time for our trip to Berlin! I hadn’t flown since going to Cardiff years ago, and I was a bit nervous. Everything went well though, and we had little turbulence, and just looking at Berlin at night when we were landing was worth it!

As we were walking through Berlin, seeing some sights and scoping out several of the Berlinale locations, I noticed this massive giraffe made of Lego bricks! I love giraffes and I love Lego, so I had to make a picture of this!

This was the ‘view’ from the hostel we were staying at. It was a nice hostel, we had our own room and even our own bathroom (though the door was broken and couldn’t be locked).

With Dafne Keen who plays Laura (X-23) in Logan. I had no idea she had even arrived until I saw her signing someone’s picture a couple of people away from me. I immediately looked up a picture of her in my magazine, got it signed and got this picture. She was amazing in the movie, and I am really happy with this picture!

After the Logan premiere, we went to the Starbucks and had some hot chocolate and I got this sandwich with eggs, bacon and (unfortunately) tomato…. something (I don’t even know what it was, but it was the grossest part of the sandwich). Still a slightly bit sad I didn’t get a picture with Hugh, but hey at least I have his autograph!

And then the next day it was time for the award ceremony and Diego Luna! I became a fan of him after seeing Rogue One, and I was incredibly happy to find out he was coming to Berlin (after being like ‘oh god I’ll never meet my favourite actors cuz they all live too far away’). He was really nice and so pretty omg.

After Diego, we went to the Mall of Berlin for dinner. They had a whole food court, where you could just sit at a table, and order from the various shops. I had Subway because I was in the mood for that, and Tanja had chips and chicken… wings? drumsticks? Idk.

On our way to the cinema that was showing Logan, we saw this fuzzy car. It looked so amazing, and now I want one. Honestly. I already wanted a car like this, but now I want a fuzzy one. I think the owner of this car was Chewbacca.

That’s a familiar hotel! I had already noticed there was a Maritim hotel in Berlin when we were looking for hotels, but when we passed it I had to take a picture of it because it reminded me of HobbitCon and of how much I miss that amazing hotel in Bonn!

I had honestly expected a large cinema for Logan, but we were in an actual theatre, wow! The screen was massive, even from where we were sitting (the highest part of the theatre). The movie was incredible, and we’re seeing it again tomorrow!

The next day we had to fly back to Rotterdam, but before that, we spent our last hours at the Starbucks for breakfast. I think we really lived off Starbucks and McDonalds this weekend, oops?!

Thanks to this loser, we may or may not have kittens soon. He finally realised there’s a girl cat in the house that’s not his mum. So yeah, I’ll keep you updated on it, of course!

We went to the cinema when we were back in the Netherlands to see the Lego Batman movie (best Batman movie ever, by the way) and they had a display with the rose from Beauty and the Beast! So cool!

Cats love me. A lot. No, seriously this was the fourth cat during work that wanted my attention!

See you next month!