When Hugh Jackman announced on Twitter his new movie Logan would premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, I got a little excited. Though I also felt like it would be a bit of a waste to travel all the way to Berlin for just this movie premiere. But then, at the end of January, Diego Luna mentioned on twitter he had been chosen to be a member of the International Jury for the same festival. That was the moment Tanja and I started planning our trip to Berlin.

We booked hotels, got plane tickets as soon as Diego’s appearance was 100% confirmed and on the 16th of February we flew to Berlin from Rotterdam airport. It was the first time flying for me in a long time, I think the last time I flew was when we went to Cardiff, but while I was a little nervous it all went really well.


After about an hour in the air, we arrived in Berlin and made our way to our first hotel. We’d booked a hotel for two days already but then decided to fly a day earlier so we needed another day at the hotel. Unfortunately, we couldn’t book the same room anymore, so we ended up booking a completely different hostel for that first night. It was a nice room, though the pillows and blankets were absolutely horrible. That evening we decided to look up the place the Logan premiere (where we’d hopefully meet Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen and Patrick Stewart) and the Award Ceremony (for Diego Luna and perhaps other people as well) would be at, which was only a ten/fifteen minute walk from our hotel, so that was great!

The next morning, we checked out of the hostel and went towards the Berlinale Palast already to see whether it was time to start queueing already. There were already some people waiting for Logan, so we decided to join them, at 11:00 in the morning. While the premiere wouldn’t start until 21:30. Throughout the day, more people joined us; Tanja checked into the hotel and brought our suitcases there already, and I got into a fight with an autograph hunter who was incredibly rude to me. Eventually, at around 2 in the afternoon, we were allowed inside the fan area, and we got ourselves settled in front of the red carpet.

There were two other premiers before the Logan one, so we didn’t have to wait and look at the commercials showing on the screen the whole day. We were also allowed to leave and come back into the fan area at any time, though after some more arguments with the autograph hunters, I decided to not leave anymore after I got my place. Then finally at half past ten, the premiere for Logan began and the actors arrived. It was chaos, honestly. While I did get an autograph of both Hugh and Dafne, I only managed to get a picture with Dafne (partly because most people were more interested in both Hugh and Patrick Stewart). I’m sad I didn’t get anything from Patrick, but that was due to him not signing anything that did not have his face on it.

The next day, we went back to the Berlinale Palast at the same time as the day before and started queueing as well. We were the only ones until around an hour or so before the gate opened again. Got into another fight with someone who clearly could understand my English but pretended not to, but we still managed to get really good spots (exactly in front of the spot the cars would usually stop to let actors out). Luckily for us, the Award Ceremony started a little earlier than the Logan premiere (17:30) so we didn’t have to wait that long again.


First, a bunch of other important people arrived, including some actors from the movies shown at the festival throughout the week, some German celebrities and just a bunch of other famous people. Then, at the moment I started to think I was going to turn into an ice-cube, the International Jury started arriving. Diego was one of the last to arrive, and as far as I know the only one to actually do some autographs/pictures. And I am so so happy he decided to start with us because he only did a couple of them (maybe ten? Maybe less) before he went onto the red carpet.

There were some Mexican girls standing next to us who spoke to him the whole time he was standing with us, and I would like to thank these girls because I think that’s why he came to us first. So yes, I can now officially say that I met my favourite actor, and I can say that yes he is as pretty as he is in the movies/pictures. And YES I love him even more now!

After the ceremony was over and the Jury had gone inside, Tanja and I left the Palast to get some food and prepare ourselves for Logan. Because we had gotten tickets for one of the screenings of the movie at the festival, and we would be one of the first people in the world to see the last Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman as the character. *deep sigh*

I can honestly say it was the greatest Wolverine movie and I loved it so much and I am definitely seeing it again when it officially comes out! I’m writing an official review for it but I think I need to see it again in order to get my shit together long enough to write a coherent review. But yes I can say it is definitely so much better than Origins and The Wolverine combined.

After the movie, we walked around Berlin for a bit before going back to our hotel. We would fly back the next day and we’d wanted to see some of Berlin’s sights first before travelling back to the airport. Unfortunately the next day we didn’t do much sightseeing because we basically spent our last hours in Berlin at the Starbucks (so tired, so sore, so ugh). We did see Checkpoint Charlie because that was on our route back to the tube station, but that was about it.

But yes, our trip to Berlin was definitely a good one, and I finally attended a premiere in a different country (though next time I will probably go to London rather than Berlin). I met my favourite actor, got both an autograph and a picture and finally got to see a city I was supposed to go to years ago. (I am definitely going back to be a proper tourist though).

Have you ever been to a movie premiere?