Halfway through February already, and though I said it wasn’t going to be a very exciting month, something very exciting has now come up, which I posted about on Monday! I’m going to Berlin tomorrow, Thursday, and hopefully, will meet a couple of my favourite actors. Anyway, for now here is my Behind the Scenes post for the first half of February!

It feels great to be able to see how many clothes I have and how many fandom shirts I have acquired over the years (yes those piles on the right are almost all fandom shirts).

I put the Rogue One poster I bought at Dutch Xmas Con on my wall. It’s so amazing and I am very happy I decided to buy it!

I then also finally put up my map of Middle Earth, which I had gotten for Christmas a couple of years ago. I stalled buying a frame for it so long, but eventually, my dad got me one from Ikea and together we put it up above my desk. It’s a little crooked, but to be honest almost all of my posters are crooked.

My TBR for February. So far I have finished Carve the Mark, and I am currently halfway through Angelfall (and enjoying it a lot). I have already read the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, but I really want to reread it in this beautiful edition! (And because Goodreads has finally added a reread option to their website, HOORAY!)

The first pizza of the year! I can’t believe it took me this long to eat pizza, but I think it’s partly due to my appointments with the dental surgeon. Anyway, my mum and sister were eating pea soup, and I convinced my dad to get pizza!

I was feeling like putting up more posters than just the Rogue One poster, and I took out my bag of posters, got the ones that were still intact and put them on my door, wall and closet. My room looks a lot cosier now!

I went to a Hogwarts Day at Waterstones, and though the day itself wasn’t very exciting (partly because we didn’t do any of the events because we had to leave early) but I did have fun looking at books. I saw the Rogue One book but ended up not buying it (it was €23 for a paperback, €31 for a hardcover?!).

Eventually, we went to the American Book Center, where I ended up buying Wires and Nerve! I was so excited when I got my hands on it because it was the only copy they had at the store and I had been wanting to buy it ever since it got announced. I also bought a copy of the Rose Society, book two of Marie Lu’s newest series. I don’t own book 1 yet, but this book was only €4 so I couldn’t just not buy it.

Tanja and I were going to the cinema to see Sing and went to the CEX store beforehand. There, I bought Elizabeth Olsen’s movie debut, the first Sherlock Holmes DVD and Dirty Dancing 2, because the handsome guy on the front is none other than Diego Luna (my favourite actor, at the moment).

I decided to sell some of my books on Facebook, and there were a bunch of people interested. Packing and shipping books is such a hassle though, but I am glad to be rid of some books I was never going to (re)read anyway! Still have plenty books to get rid of, though.

“If it fits, I sits!” She found a new place to lie down in, though I believe she hasn’t tried it again since I ‘caught’ her.

I was working, and there was a light snow falling. I love snow, but honestly, I love it even more when it’s there in the moments I don’t have to work. This was the perfect kind of work-snow for me!

And then the next morning, I woke up to a white backyard. A lot of snow had fallen during the night, and it was perfect because it was weekend and I had nowhere to go!

Also, it was this kitty’s first snow, and though she didn’t enjoy it at first, she kind of started to enjoy it later on. Until we started throwing snowballs around, of course.

This tree in our backyard has sprouted flowers already, and it just looks so beautiful with the snow on top of it and ah I love trees.

If you want your cat to malfunction, give them something to wear. She started walking backwards and just looked really awkward walking with it on.

I needed a picture of myself that wasn’t a cosplay selfie, so I took some s(h)elfies and tada. This will be my back-up if I never get to meet Robert Downey Jr. (which is very unlikely to ever happen). And so we’re halfway through February already!

How was your month so far?