Behind the Scenes

I’m Going to Berlin!

Once Upon a Time, when I still went to school, I went on a trip to Paris. It was lovely, though I spent one whole day being sick (thank you anxiety migraines), and I was looking forward to the next school trip: Berlin. But then, the year went a little shitty and I had to redo half a year. And then I quit, just before the Berlin trip. I never really focused on going there anymore afterwards until recently.

Berlin is one of those cities in Europe that has their own Film Festival (Berlinale) each year. They also have an international jury, who picks out the best movie shown at the festival each year; and for this year they have picked my favourite actor Diego Luna as one of the judges.

For me, this sounded like the perfect opportunity (read: excuse) to travel to Berlin, because I wanted to see the city and I also really want to meet Diego (for me, the chance of meeting him is very small because I live in Europe and he lives in Mexico, so yes I took this chance with both hands and feet). The third reason for Tanja and me to travel all the way to Berlin is the upcoming Wolverine movie, Logan. Last month, Hugh Jackman announced the movie would premiere during the Berlin Film Festival and he’d be attending as well. We definitely got tickets to see the movie (with German subtitles, thank the stars) and we’re hoping to meet or at least see him as well!

For me, this is my first time travelling to a different country for a movie premiere, and I am both very excited and very anxious about basically everything. I just hope that everything will be alright and we’ll be able to meet the people we’re travelling there for. I will definitely take lots of pictures, of both the film festival events and of course the city and will make a post about everything when I come back.

We’re hoping to see some sights of Berlin as well, because of course I have never been there, and Tanja I believe has only been there for another premiere before – so neither of us really knows what the city looks like in real life. The hotel we’re staying at is in the centre of the city, I believe, which is really nice. It is also very close to the cinema we’re seeing Logan and to the other ones, the award ceremony will take place (where hopefully Diego will be at).

So yes, aside from going to London for the first time this year and going to Fuerteventura for the first time, I am also going to see Berlin for the first time in my life! Yay!

Have you ever been to Berlin?