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On May 11, Arthur celebrated his birthday… During the Elf Fantasy Fair we (aka Tanja and me) asked him what he wanted, and then jokingly said we’d give him Richard/Thorin. Tanja later said she had a large cardboard cut-out from Jan Smit (who’s a Dutch singer), and that we could paste Richard’s head on it. A while later, we went to the Tolkien shop in Leiden, and we saw a pillow with Thorin on it. Tanja decided to buy that for him, and I ended up buying a poster for him. And then we decided to still do that cardboard cut-out thing.

We arrived at Arthur’s house when he wasn’t there, but the front door was opened. So we decided to unpack the cardboard Richard (which we’d just put in a large garbage bag), and put it in the opening of the door. Then he unpacked all the other gifts, and one of them was the DVD of season 2 of Being Human, except the person who gave it (I don’t remember who), pasted Thorin over George, and Fili over Annie, and renamed it ‘Being Dwarf’.

That evening, four of us decided to go and watch Doctor Who upstairs, and then we decided we wanted to order pizza (because even though there was a lot of food, we were still hungry and we wanted pizza), and so we did. We have always wanted to order pizza on the name of Torchwood, and that night we finally did!

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The rest of my week was quite un-eventful, unless you count the fact that I got half of the books that I ordered on Friday. Two of them were the Quick Reads that I talked about earlier, which I have both finished reading already. And the others were the other two Doctor Who books (Shroud of Sorrow, and Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster); ‘Life on the Refrigerator Door’, and ‘The Host’.

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Saturday (18 May) was my birthday, and also Doctor Who day. I was a bit nervous for Doctor Who, because it’s the season finale, and the name of the epsiode was ‘the Name of the Doctor’, so everyone was scared that we would finally find out his name. It was a beautiful episode, and I really love Clara a lot more than I already did. And I really can’t wait for November!

I woke up quite early on Saturday, because I just couldn’t sleep anymore (nerves, I guess), and I was allowed to unpack my presents already. I got two picture frames, where I put my HobbitCon pictures in. I also got a scarf, with a lot of mustaches on it; and a bag that I really liked. My mum had been looking at bags a couple of days earlier, and she saw one that she thought I would like (and I did), and luckily my sister found the same bag in a store she went to. I also got money, of course (I usually just tell people to give me money, because I really don’t know what I want), and some bath/shower stuff. I also got two books, ‘Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ (which I bought myself, but it got delivered today) and ‘The Silent Stars Go By’, a Doctor Who book.

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And on Sunday (aka today), I decided to re-organize my bookshelf. I was a bit tired of having to stack books on top of other books, so I cleared out the third shelf from the top and put the rest of the books there. I put the CD’s and DVD’s that I’ve got between the books that I like, and the books that I need to get rid of (all the way to the right on the bottom shelf), and though it looks a bit odd, I’m really glad that I don’t have books stacked on top of the others anymore.

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And this was my week in seven (okay twelve) pictures!