January is over, and it’s time for another Behind the Scenes post. I have to say, January overall was rather uneventful. There was one ‘exciting’ thing that happened, but I will tell you about that later on in this post. Other than that, I didn’t do much, which was fine by me seeing as I have been sleeping really badly since the beginning of the month. Anyway, let’s take a look at these past two weeks.

I’m an adult, I swear! I put my Star wars duvet cover on my bed, and I have never felt so cool in my life. Finally, a cool duvet cover that fits my massive blanket, yay!

As much as I love my bookshelves, they felt really cluttered, so I decided it was time for another reorganisation. I still need to pick out a couple of books that I am not sure I want to sell or not, but other than that I am pretty happy with what I’ve got now.

It was really cold and snowy for a couple of days, but ever time it had snowed, it would be gone by the time I came downstairs the day after. Today there finally was some ‘evidence’ of snow/cold weather that I could photograph, yay!

I finally decided to start this beauty! Got the book back in October/November last year, but I still had to read the first one at that time. I am still so happy with this beautiful ARC and I will cherish it forever!

Mum and I went to see Brimstone, and before that, we went out for Sushi again. I love this restaurant, but this time there were a few mistakes made (we got some stuff from previous rounds while we hadn’t ordered them the round after). Still, Sumo is a very good restaurant and I definitely recommend you go there.

I love pigs in blankets, and I love making a whole bunch for myself and eating (almost) all of them. They’re also good with cheese and especially with a bit of ketchup!

A Dutch webshop was having a sale on all their Funko’s, and they had Kamal Khan, aka Ms. Marvel on there. It was an exclusive funko, so normally it would be anywhere between 17 and 20 euros. On this website, she was only 13 euros + shipping, so I immediately ordered one! MY BABY!

Disney has been in heat for a week now, and while it’s a bit adorable, it’s also annoying sometimes when she just does not want to shut up. I believe it’s over now, but it’s sure to come back later on in the year.

This is what my shelves look right now. Yes, I put the tbr books back together, but it is also still organised by genre. I just wanted to see right away how many books I still need to read and work on bringing it down to maybe one shelf. As you can see (the first four shelves of the left case are all TBR books) I have some work to do.

I received Carve the Mark in the mail! I pre-ordered this book because there was a pre-order goodie that you could get even if you didn’t live in America. I have yet to receive it, but I hope it will be soon, because it’s an epilogue to the Divergent series, and that is one of my favourite series ever!

Ok, so, let me tell you the story of how I got this new laptop. We had new neighbours for a couple of months now, and they’d been renovating a lot at first, which we didn’t think much of because they just moved in and they wanted to make the place their own of course. Then, a while later my mum and I could smell a strong weed smell every now and then. No one else in our house could smell it though, so we just let it go. But then, on the 20th of this month, the smell was so strong, even my dad could smell it. He decided to go to the police and told them he was suspecting our neighbours were growing weed. We thought they’d come by later in the week to talk to the people that lived in the house, but the next morning there was loud banging on the neighbours’ front door. My dad went downstairs, saw a police car and found out they were there to get rid of the weed because it was definitely there.

According to a local newspaper, they had over 430 plants in the attic and two bedrooms. Lots of equipment as well and enormous lights. They acted so quickly because it was in the middle of a neighbourhood, and if there had been a fire it would have affected not only that house but our house and the one on the other side as well. Anyway, our neighbour who lives on the other side of the – as we call it now – ‘weed house’ came by that evening to talk about what had happened. My mum showed her a couple of pictures on her tablet, and the neighbour commented that she only used her tablet even though she had a really good laptop lying around. Then, my dad offered to take it off her, and voila, I got a new laptop thanks to my neighbours growing weed.

My parents were eating pasta with some gross sauce I didn’t like, so I decided to make my own sauce. Honestly, I love this pasta so much I could literally eat this for the rest of my life (ok maybe together with pizza).

Tanja and I went to see Allied, which is a WWII movie. I really enjoyed it, and I definitely recommend it to people who like WWII stories.

She also got me this magazine because it had pictures of Diego Luna (and James Mcavoy) in it. I tried to take some pictures of it, but Disney was hungry for attention so much she was rolling around over and under the magazine. Oh well, it got me this cute picture.

I finally decided to order myself a Mjolnir necklace. I had been meaning to do it for a long time, but I kind of wanted to buy a more expensive version. Then I saw this one on Aliexpress, and it looked really cool so I decided to just go for it. If/when this one breaks I will just buy a more expensive one from Large or something like that.

I finally decided to go through all the clothes I owned and get rid of a bunch I never wore anymore. I ended up giving four full bags to the Salvation Army, plus a bag of shoes. Now I have enough space to put all my fandom shirts in! *evil laughter* And that concludes January for me!

How was your month?