The first month of 2017 has officially come to an end, and it’s time to wrap things up. Because the last day of the month was on a Tuesday, I decided to post this wrap-up on Wednesday 1 February. Anyways, let’s wrap up the month where I finally got a new laptop!

Books bought, received

I told myself at the beginning of this year I would only be buying three books each month. I can proudly tell you that out of these books, I only bought one. All but Carve the Mark were books I got from a friend, and I got Spirit Quest through Netgalley.

My best friend went to London and saw this magazine that not only had James Mcavoy on the cover but had my favourite photoshoot of Diego Luna on the inside. Naturally, she bought two copies and I bought one off of her, yay! I also finally got myself a copy of The Book of Life on DVD, because I love this movie so much!

Other things bought, received

  • Kamala Khan funko
  • Mjolnir necklace
  • Tablet/phone pen
  • Owl statue
  • Hogwarts sweatpants
  • Harry Potter shirt
  • Pokémon shirt
  • Wonder Woman shirt
  • Harry Potter illustrated tote bag

All the stuff I got this month, including everything I got during New Year’s Eve that I didn’t add to my previous wrap-up. I love the tote bag, because I just love Jim Kay’s illustrations! I also got some book vouchers this month, but I am not adding them to the picture because they’re basically printed pieces of paper and that’s not interesting. But I can spend over €40 on books right now, which is very exciting!

  • General Leia funko
  • Paper picture frame
  • Obliviate notebook
  • Hulk (fake) Lego figurine
  • Cat quartet game
  • Miss Peregrine’s tote bag

This is everything I got from the Secret Santa game we played on New Year’s Eve. I am particularly happy with the Leia funko because that is the item everyone wanted. I also really like the HP notebook, though I have no idea what I am going to use it for.

Read, Watched, Started



Next Month

Next month I am going to the Harry Potter exhibition in Utrecht and I am very excited! It was announced James and Oliver Phelps would be there on opening day to meet fans, but unfortunately, I don’t have tickets for that day. My sister, however, does and she’s going to try to get me their autographs. Other than that, I am probably going to a Hogwarts Day at Waterstones this weekend, which I am excited about! Besides these two events, I think February is going to be another quiet month with hopefully as much reading as I did this month.

I want to try to binge-read some series next month, especially ones I already have on my shelf completely. So I am going to read the Angelfall trilogy, His Dark Materials and the Chaos Walking trilogy. Hopefully I’ll enjoy these books enough to actually continue reading the rest of the series, otherwise, I’ll just try to get rid of the books.

Want to Read: Carve the Mark, Angelfall, The Golden Compass, King’s Cage, The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Edge of Everything, Ms. Marvel volume 1 and volume 2

Want to See: A Monster Calls, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S3+S4 (or wherever the hell I stopped watching), The Space Between Us, The Lego Batman movie, Class S1, Room

How was your January?