Funko Pops. You love ’em, or you hate ’em. Book lovers and Funko Pops apparently go hand-in-hand, as I have seen so many bookworms who collect these little figurines. I myself am an avid collector as well, and I currently have about 30 of them. But there are so much more that I would love to have, and so I decided to make a Funko Pop wishlist. These Funko’s are all ones that are still available, according to the Funko website. I haven’t added any of the Vaulted ones because I know they are very hard to get.


To complete the pairs I currently have I would love to get Anna from Frozen, Maui from Moana and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Furthermore, I would love to have both Alice Kingsley and Merida, and from the POTC line, I still want both Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann.


Black Widow, Spider-Man, Black Panther and War Machine to complete Team Iron Man. From the TV shows, I would love Peggy Carter, Daisy Johnson, Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock. I also want the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy to put together with my Baby Groot and last but not least I want to have Wolverine and Deadpool.

Star Wars

From the Force Awakens, I would still love to have Han Solo, Poe Dameron and both C3PO and R2D2. From the Rogue One line, I want Jyn and K2SO. I would also love to have the rest of the Rogue One team, but they have yet to make a Bodhi Rook Funko – which is the one I want the most, honestly. And just because, I would love to have Jabba the Hut. Oh and Luke Skywalker, of course, because I need the original trio complete as well.

Doctor Who

Out of the ones that already exist I would love to have Rose Tyler, Nine, Ten and Eleven, because I love all those Doctors and Rose is honestly my favourite companion. And the following don’t exist yet, but I heard they were making more DW funko’s. But I would love to have a Clara Oswald funko, and I want my Ponds (Amy & Rory).

Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts

To complete my Golden trio, I still need a Harry Potter funko, but I really want the one from the first wave – because that one is probably the same height as my Ron and Hermione ones. I also want Neville Longbottom because I ship him with Luna and Draco Malfoy because I love Tom Felton. And the last one from Harry Potter I really want is Sirius Black, my favourite Marauder!

As for Fantastic Beasts funko’s, I still want Newt, Tina and a Niffler.


I found out recently they were making Space Jam Funko’s, which include a Bugs Bunny one, and I NEED THAT SO BADLY. Bugs has always been my favourite Looney Tune and I used to have a plushie of him when I was a kid. So yes, naturally I need to own this Funko.

They are also going to make Funko’s for the TV show The 100 and I would love to get at least Bellamy and Clarke from that line. As for Dragon Ball Z funko’s, I want my favourite little family: Bulma, Vegeta and Trunks.

Then I would love to get some Miss Peregrine’s Funko’s with of course Miss P herself, and Emma and Jacob as well. From the Star Trek line I still want Spock and Jim Kirk, and last but not least I am still looking for Katniss and Peeta from the Hunger Games line.

And so we’ve come to the end of my very big Funko Pop wishlist. I can assure you that had I added the Vaulted pops, it would probably have been twice as long. I am certain I will not get all these Funko’s, unless people buy them for me, but I at least want to try to get as many as I can.

What’s on your Funko wishlist?