Updated Bookshelf Tour

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my bookshelves with you, so I thought it would be time to take out my camera and photograph my newly organised shelves again. I was contemplating making a video, but honestly, I am not good at editing at all so it’s going to be pictures again. Maybe in the future. I’ll start with my two main bookshelves, and then at the end, I’ll talk about the shelf built around my bed.

Bookshelf nr. 1

On the top shelf, we have my first TBR shelf. I also have my Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Funko’s here, as well as Sif and Thor. There’s a little silver Christmas tree in the middle and behind it is my Luna wand. The lights are reindeer lights, though they look a bit weird here. And on the sides, I have both a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin tie.

Shelf number two is still all TBR books, and I have a little TBR jar which I hardly ever use, to be honest. ‘Protecting’ the jar are Finn and Rey from Star Wars and I also have Iron Man and Kamala Khan on this shelf.

Then there’s TBR shelf number three, with a little X-Men Apocalypse image from a popcorn container that I got from Pathé. Also on this shelf are Baby Dancing Groot, Charlie Bradbury and Superhero Stan Lee.

And this is my last TBR shelf, which also has my TARDIS, a Legolas funko, a Goblin figurine, an owl statue and my Chekov and Uhura Funkos. In front of the owl is a wand a friend of mine made for her wedding.

From here on, we begin with the books organised by genre. The first shelf is all Fantasy. Decorating the shelf are Rosita from the movie Sing, an Eevee figure and a scented candle (vanilla and caramel).

Then we go from Fantasy to Science Fiction and Dystopia. This is the bottom shelf of my first bookcase, and that’s why there are no decorations (as this shelf is literally on the floor).

Bookshelf nr. 2

From the first bookshelf, we go onto the second one. This shelf has more dystopia/science fiction books and also has some of my mythology books. Though I could rename it my ‘Rick Riordan (and some other authors) section’. Decorations are a Starbucks cup with all my bookmarks and Civil War pins. Next to that is my Scarlet Witch Dorbz. On the other side are my Scarlet Witch and Vision Funkos and there’s a reindeer light in the middle.

Below that, we have some more mythology, and we start off the thriller/mystery/horror section. At the end are some contemporary books. Decorations are Captain Boomerang, Agent May and Cyclops Funkos; Voldemort’s wand, the ‘light’ side of X-Men apocalypse and an old camera.

Here the contemporary books continue and go into ‘the rest’. Historial fiction, (auto)biographies, classics and some Supernatural and Marvel books. The Funko’s on here are Moana and Pua, Sleeping Beauty, Jack Skellington and Elsa. In the middle is a Buddha (right? I always forget which one is which), a flower crown and two Disney stamps.

The shelf below is relatively empty with only three box sets, a Silent picture signed by the actor, a birthday card which I just noticed has fallen and my Twelfth Doctor funko.

Then we have a bit of a messy shelf with lots of non-fiction books, some Doctor Who storybooks and a lot of magazines. In the middle is a little statue of a kitten with a Christmas hat.

And the last shelf is a bit more of a mess. On the left are my comics and graphic novels, and on the right are all my Empire magazines, a Doctor Who experience booklet and Star Wars comics.

Bookshelf nr. 3

On the shelves built around my bed, I have made my Harry Potter shelf. I have all Harry Potter books both in Dutch and in English, a copy of The Casual Vacancy, The Cursed Child ánd the Fantastic Beasts script. On the right, there is an HP pop-up book and the three ‘school’ books. On top of those, I have the Barry Trotter trilogy, an HP parody. Funkos are Jacob Kowalski, Queenie Goldstein, Hermione, Ron and Luna. I also have Spectrespecs!

Below that, I have the rest of my non-fiction books, which are all Harry Potter themed. I also have the two illustrated editions that are out so far!

And my little Doctor who shelf, with a ‘Hello’ sign I made myself. I had my Twelfth Doctor funko here as well but figured it would look better on the other shelf with the signed picture.

And last but not least are my DVD’s. I have acquired quite a lot of them over the past couple of years, and I am planning on buying lots more. On the right are two without covers, but I am taking those (the covers, not the DVDs) to Berlin with me, so that’s why they’re there.

And that is my bookshelf tour, I hope you liked it! I am probably going to change it all up very soon because I am that person that reorganises their bookshelves every three months. Maybe next time I’ll do an actual video where I’ll show you each individual book, but for now, you’ll have to do with this!

What do your bookshelves look like?