I am going to ‘challenge’ myself to post at least seven pictures at the end of each week, and post these on the blog on Sunday. I will also add a little story to it, and tell you exactly what is happening on the picture! Let’s take a look at the first week!

IMG_3073It was Queensday, and we went into town to look at all the stuff people were selling. At one of the spots I found this VHS of the old Lord of the Rings movie. I have never seen this one before, but it looks amazing and I really want to see it, ha ha ha!

IMG_3075I felt like buying pie, so I bought pie. I believe I ate this entire half all on my own (ok my sister had a small piece of it, but the rest I ate alllllllllllll by myselffffffffffffff)

IMG_3076My friend, Tanja, bought this game which I think is a bit like Cluedo, but a tad bit different. It was nice to play, but I am not such a huge fan of CSI so it wasn’t that great to me.

IMG_3084Apparently someone in our neighbourhood has gotten a Sphynx cat, and he likes to visit our garden. A couple of days ago I finally saw him and look at how cute he is!

IMG_3090After years and years of falling off this bloody rainbow bridge, I finally ended in FIRST PLACE! And that while playing with a big/heavy character. Good job Nessa!

See you in the next ‘My Week’ post!