We’re halfway through January, and obviously, it’s time for another Behind the Scenes post again. I have a couple of pictures of the last two days of December as well because I took those after completing the previous BTS post so they count. Let’s look back at part one of January!

A while back I got an email from Qwertee that I could pick out a free t-shirt if I bought one from them. They had really cool Pokémon shirts that day, so I picked out Squirtle (water starter for life) and I found this amazing Deathly Hallows shirt, which was the free one. YAY!

I have two ‘selfie’ faces. The normal one and the ugly one.

Tanja and I had been invited to come along to a Secret Santa/New Year’s Eve celebration, and we had lots of fun. This was the Secret Santa pile, and we had lots of fun throwing dice for a couple of hours.

One of the presents everyone wanted was this Leia funko. There were only two girls who didn’t want it, and the rest of us were making it into a game. Person 1: *throws four* “OKAY WHERE IS SHE!” The person who has Leia: *tries to hide it* “NOT ME NOT ME!”  P1: “HAND IT OVER!!”

Eventually, I was the one who had it on my pile when the timer went off, and I am so so happy!

And then it was midnight, and the fireworks started. We drank some champagne and went outside to look at the fireworks and light these sparklers. I had lots of fun with these girls and I am so happy they invited me. I got some other (birthday)presents as well, but I’ll share those with you at the end of the month.

My dad had accidentally bought too many cans with these croissants and so I made these croissants for myself and my mum.

And then we went to see Assassin’s Creed. I’ve already posted a review, and I really urge you to go and see it, because there have been so many awful reviews and I hate it when people form their opinion based on a review. So just go.

And then I got another cold. I had barely gotten rid of the previous one, but it seemed like my body wanted to play a cruel game with me. Last month I got it right before my appointment with the dental surgeon. Guess what got another one right before my second appointment. Ugh.

I was sitting in bed, reading my book when suddenly I heard a loud dripping behind me. I looked back and saw this. After running downstairs to tell my dad I put a shitload of towels everywhere I could put them. Apparently, the neighbours’ washing machine broke and the water went into their floor and came out of the ceiling in our bathroom and my room. All is well now, it’s dried up and you can only see stains where the wall meets the ceiling.

This kitty loves getting attention and will always stand up on his back paws so I can pet him.

Midnight selfies with the kitten who wants nothing more than play with the faucet. She has no idea how water works and keeps putting her head full underneath the stream of water.

Too bad they both moved at the time I took this picture, but they were finally lying close to each other without scratching each other’s eyes out.

I ordered the DVD of The Book of Life, because I really wanted it, and got an email the DVD had been shipped (about 9 days sooner than they’d said on the website). I was very happy when the package arrived, but a little less so when I saw it was the wrong DVD – meant for someone in a different city. Called the company and they told me I could keep this DVD and they would send me a new copy of TBOL.

More croissants, because we still had some cans.

I was feeling a little drowsy from my appointment with the dental surgeon, so I sat next to this kitty who was sleeping so cutely I had to take at least ten pictures.

And then the replacement package came in and I was happy to see they had the right DVD this time. I love this movie so much and I wanted to have it on my shelf. YAY!

I got these desserts because I needed to eat soft food for a couple of days, and I just love the face Moana makes here. Because same.

This is what we call a Kapsalon (basically, literally translated ‘Barbershop’). It’s chips, döner, lettuce, cheese and garlic sauce (optional). My parents were going out for dinner, and my sister wanted to order this. I decided to try it as well even though it was a day after my tooth extraction, and it went rather well. Unfortunately, I was full halfway through, because it is just so much, and this was the smallest portion they had, pfft.

So that’s the first two weeks of January. I think the rest of the month is going to be quiet as well, as I don’t have anything ‘big’ planned. Oh well, we’ll see!

How was your month so far?