Behind the Scenes

Christmas Haul

Christmas is over already, and I thought it might be nice to share with you the presents I got. On Christmas ‘Eve, my best friend came over and we exchanged gifts.

I got a Harry Potter calendar, which is great because my old one was not exactly what I wanted anymore. It’s a dated calendar, but I am pretty sure I’ll be using it for years. I also got some Harry Potter buttons, the coolest phone case ever (“All I care about is cats”) and the ticket for the Harry Potter exhibition they’re hosting in our country next year! YAY!

Then on the second day of Christmas (yes us Dutchies get two whole Christmas days), my sister, her boyfriend and our gran came over and we did the whole gift-unwrapping thing. I got lots of Harry Potter themed presents this year, and some Star Wars-y stuff as well.

First of all, I got Slytherin pyjamas, finally! Now I can sleep like a Slytherin as well, hehe! And of course, I got some HP slippers as well because those things are cosy af. I also got a Star Wars duvet cover, which was literally the only one at Primark that was the size my blanket is (I picked it out myself, but my mum decided to wrap it for Christmas). And another pair of HP sweatpants, because you can’t have enough sweatpants. Also, you can kinda see the Captain America leggings above the sweatpants.

Of course, I also got some food, though not as much as last time. I got a white chocolate bar, some spekkoek liquor (<3), a little door sign that says ‘Wizards Welcome’, and a giraffe necklace (!!!!). Next to that is a Harry Potter board game, a Star Wars candy cane, a Marvel Lego game (though it doesn’t work on my current laptop *sighs*), and a Harry Potter map. I’ll try to make a proper picture soon, but it’s really long and it keeps rolling back into itself. Below there is another Harry Potter t-shirt (can’t have enough) and a tote bag!

Here is a close-up of the door sign and the giraffe necklace, which is just really cute because I love giraffes (partly due to Dean O’Gorman’s perfect performance at HobbitCon Zwei) and I love necklaces, yay!

So there’s all I got for Christmas, I am very happy with all of it, but I think I am mostly very happy with the pyjamas and the map.

What did you get for Christmas?