Behind the Scenes

Wrap-Up: December 2016

And before you know it, the year is over and we’re already onto the wrap-up for December! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, and honestly, I am ready for next year! But first, we gotta wrap the twelfth month of 2016…

Books bought, received




I was lucky enough to meet Jason Isaacs at Dutch X-Mas Con, and he was such a sweetheart! When I told him I found this battered copy so special because of the autographs of Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Rickman, he told me he was jealous of my book because Alan hardly ever signed HP stuff.

Other stuff bought, received

Of course, December was the month of Christmas, and I have written a separate Christmas haul for you guys to enjoy. I also received a subscription box and posted an unboxing for you as well.

I have received a lot of other stuff this month too, so I’ve decided to separate it into three categories: Funko’s, Star Wars and everything else.


Dutch X-Mas Con had a nice variety of Funko stands, and I couldn’t help myself, so I bought three Funko’s from there; Moana with little Pua, Cassian Andor (<3) from Rogue One and Ron Weasley (the only one that still had him in his original Hogwarts robes rather than the Yule ball robes).

Then, literally, a day after DXC was over, our local Funko store announced they had the X-Men funko’s. Including my fave, Quicksilver. I was a little bit pissed because I spent all my money at DXC and needed to buy Christmas presents, but then Tanja said she could order two and I could just pay her back in January – SO I HAVE QUICKSILVER NOW AHHH!

And because I thought Queenie looked a bit lonely, I decided to buy Jacob Kowalski as well, because he looks just so cute in his little protective gear.

Star Wars

We’d gone to see Rogue One the day it came out, and I absolutely fell in love with the movie. It was a great standalone movie and the characters were all amazing. So I went a little overboard with Star Wars merch this month. I bought this incredible plasticized Rogue One poster, a cup with a little figurine of Jyn on it. Two Force Awakens figurines; Rey and Finn. I also got the special Death Trooped 3D glasses Pathé had and my mum bought me the Merry Sithmas jumper. Also pictured is the loot from the Zbox of this month!

Everything else

And then we’re onto the non-SW and non-Funko buys of this month. I got three new dresses, one for cosplay, one for Christmas and one just because. I also bought a new Christmas hat, because my old one didn’t fit over my wigs. (This one didn’t either, eventually). I got a picture frame for my Middle Earth map, some New Year’s Eve items, a little cat figurine with a Christmas hat, some Pokémon cards and Happy Meal toys. I also got a candle that smells like vanilla and caramel and last but not least a bottle of butterbeer from the Harry Potter pop-up store!

Read, watched, started

I’ve read a number of books and watched some movies this month. Of course, I have also started some new stuff, which is italicised. Rereads and Rewatches are indicated with a * at the end.



Four new movies, and a couple of rewatches, including a couple of Doctor Who Christmas episodes. I meant to rewatch all of them, watch the one from last year and then this year’s episode, but I failed after only three episodes. I did finally watch last year’s special, but I didn’t like it much, to be honest.

Next month

Next month is January, a ‘fresh’ start. I haven’t gotten much planned, apart from another visit to the dental surgeon which I am not looking forward to much. There are a lot of things happening in the rest of the year that I am looking forward to much – two vacations, lots of new movies, lots of conventions and hopefully a movie premiere!

To read: The Lunar Chronicles, Wires and Nerve vol. 1, Carve the Mark, Traitor to the Throne, We Can Be Mended, Heartless
To see: Assassin’s Creed, A Series of Unfortunate Events S1, American Horror Story S5, Elysium, The Terminal

Happy New Year!