Last year I received my first subscription box, called MyGeekBox. I was very happy with it and was planning on getting another subscription box, I just didn’t know which one. This year, I found myself on the website of Zavvi, who also have their own subscription box called ZBox. The theme for December was Dark vs. Light and it was 100% Star Wars because of the new movie coming out. That immediately got me interested, and I ordered the box for myself for Christmas.

The box was shipped on the 19th of December (later than usual) and arrived at my doorstep on the 23rd. From now until the end, there will be spoilers, so if you’ve ordered this box and haven’t received or unboxed it, don’t continue, unless you don’t mind spoilers of course!

The first thing I saw in the box was this little Yoda doll, which speaks when you press his stomach. He speaks three different sentences all from the movies and I love it. Honestly, this is the thing I am the least excited for out of this whole box, but it’s still amazing! You could get either a Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2 or Chewbacca.

Then there was the t-shirt (each of their boxes has an exclusive t-shirt, I believe) and the booklet, with artwork created by Marie Bergeron. I love this shirt and I will definitely wear it often! The only thing that is a bit of a shame is that it’s white. White never stays white with me.

Next up where these Darth Vader socks, which I absolutely love! Socks are always a winner for me, especially when they’re fandom related. Apparently, you could get two different types of socks, and I am glad I got these!

The next thing in the box was a messenger bag, and this honestly made me so happy because I desperately needed a new bag to carry the mail in when I’m working. So this one is definitely perfect for that, and to carry around my laptop as well!

And last but certainly not least was this book! Honestly, if you want me to love a subscription box, give me socks and books! This book has pictures of Star Wars lego figures who I believe are ‘replaying’ scenes from the movies. I haven’t looked through it properly yet, but it looks really cool so far!

In the end, this box was a definite winner for me, I am super happy I decided to go for it in the end. Next month’s theme, Mystical, is also incredibly cool, partly because it has a Fantastic Beasts image underneath. But I am not 100% sure if I’m going to get it (maybe it’s still available when I get my salary, maybe then).

ZBox is available from Zavvi’s website (or the Dutch one, for us Dutchies of course) for usually around €25. They tend to ship between the 10th and 15th each month, though sometimes it can be a bit later (like mine). Have you ordered the ZBox before? What did you think of it?

Are you going to order next month’s box?