Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #23

The last Behind the Scenes post of this year, wow! Let’s take a look at the last two weeks of December, shall we?

It was finally time for Dutch Christmas Con, where Jason Isaacs was a guest. Unfortunately, his plane had gotten so much delay, that he didn’t arrive until 15:30 on the first day. He had a panel immediately, went to sign afterwards and had a photoshoot at 17:30. I decided to get his autograph rather than a picture, and I am still very happy with that decision!

To celebrate the release of the Cursed Child (in Dutch) and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Ako opened up a special Harry Potter pop-up store in Utrecht. On the Saturday of DCC, we decided to visit the store, where I bought butterbeer and a mug for my sister.

DCC isn’t complete without pizza at La Fontana. I decided to just go and order a pizza instead of the pasta or soup I had been thinking about ordering because my mouth felt a bit better than I had expected. I’d gone to the dental surgeon that week and wasn’t sure if I was able to eat solid food that weekend. But I managed!

Dutch Comic Con was great, and I had lots of fun. I got lots of Funkos, met Joost from NerdyGeekyFanboy and got another autograph in my Harry Potter book! Can’t wait for Comic Con in March next year!

When you start to develop a celebrity crush on someone a week before you see the movie, and after you see the movie it gets worse (in a good way). Aka: I got lots of stuff that has Diego Luna’s face on it, and I have 0 regrets.

We had a visitor, who loves to get her chest rubbed. And if you stop, she’ll grab your hand and pull it back towards her chest. Little diva.

I received my ZBox in the mail, which made me really excited because I hadn’t expected it before Christmas. On Christmas ‘Eve, I unboxed it, and I loved everything that’s inside! Ahhhhh!

I now have (almost) all my celebrity crushes as Funkos. The only one I am still missing is Dave Franco. And technically Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters, though Quicksilver will count for both of them.

The gift pile for Christmas this year. And this didn’t even include the presents from my sister and her boyfriend. I got lots of great things, and I gave lots of cool things to the others as well, at least in my opinion!

We went to the Action to do some Christmas shopping, and I saw these figurines; first I got Finn because I love Finn to bits. And then at another store, I saw they had Rey as well. My mum didn’t wrap them for Christmas, so I ended up just putting them on my shelf.

On the first day of Christmas, we decided to make little pizzas in our pizzarette. It’s a lot of fun, but because it takes a while for each pizza to finish, we haven’t done it in such a long time.

And on the second day, we decided to order this massive plate of sushi. We also had some meat and stuff for my mum, who doesn’t like sushi, and damn I was so full after this. They also gave us a bottle of soy sauce, a bottle of champagne and a nice little present!

My mum bought Cards Against Humanity for my sister for Christmas, and of course, we ended up playing it after unwrapping gifts. I was so happy when I got this card, ahh!

On Christmas ‘Eve, we got the news that Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia from Star Wars) had suffered a heart attack. She’d been brought to the hospital, where according to her mother she’d stabilised. But on the 27th, word got out that she had passed away. Honestly, normally this sort of news doesn’t affect me that much, but when I heard this I couldn’t stop crying. I may not have been a Star Wars fan for long, but I consider myself a big fan now.

Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher. May the Force be with you.

(Barely a day after the passing of Carrie, her mother Debbie Reynolds passed away too after suffering a stroke. I feel so bad for Carrie’s daughter, Billie, who has not only lost her mother but now her grandmother as well).

Happy New Year, everyone!