Best of the Year

In 2017: Events I’m Attending

Of course, there are lots of things happening next year. Movie premieres, trips, conventions, vacations etc. Today I’d like to talk about the five events I am looking forward to the most next year!

Harry Potter Exhibition – 15 February

When I heard they were finally going to bring the Harry Potter exhibition to the Netherlands, I was thrilled! Then, I got an email from Pathé, the cinema I have my unlimited cards from, that Unlimited members could get tickets with a discount, and Tanja and I decided to just go for it! We’re going on the Wednesday in the opening’s week and I CANNOT WAIT!

Dutch Comic Con – 25/26 March

I have to say this has to be my favourite convention in the Netherlands. I’ve been to all their previous editions, even the Christmas one, and I enjoyed them all very much. So I am definitely going to their regular DCC again, and hope that they have a couple of cool actors coming too!

London – 10 til 14 April

I AM FINALLY GOING TO LONDON Y’ALL! No, I have never been to London properly before – just to travel from and to the airport. But in April I am finally going to see this (hopefully) amazing city. And I am going to see the Harry Potter play, even though I am not a fan of the story. I am also finally going to the Leavesden studios and I am already sobbing guys.

Lanzarote – 25 July till 1 August

After years of not really going on a vacation (I kinda count HobbitCon as a vacation though, but that wasn’t the relaxy type of vacation everyone means I guess) I am joining my family on a week-long holiday to Lanzarote. We’re staying at an amazing hotel (not 100% sure if it’s the hotel pictures, but I think so?) and I honestly can’t wait, yay!

Thor: Ragnarök premiere – November

This one is kind of an ‘I am not sure’ thing, because we heard a rumour that Disney is possibly not doing premieres in London any more – which also means they’re not doing Marvel or Star Wars (both owned by Disney) anymore either. Still, there’s bound to be a premiere for this movie in Europe, and we’re just hoping it’s in a convenient place. I just really want to go to at least one ‘big’ movie premiere next year.

So these are the five events I am mostly looking forward to in the upcoming year. It’s going to be Harry Potter filled and hopefully convention filled as well! And so we’ve come to the end of another Best of the Year series, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and I hope to see you in 2017 as well!

Happy New Year!