Best of the Year

BOTY ’16: Events I Visited

I went to a couple of amazing events this year, but there are five of them that really stood out for me. I’ll be talking about them today and share some pictures. This time, the items will be in the order of when they occurred!

Dutch Comic Con – 26 & 27 March

Last year I went to Dutch Comic Con for the first time, after Osric Chau announced he was definitely 100% going. I had lots of fun that day, though I also had a lot of improvements for the DCC crew. This year, the con was much better organised, and I had even more fun. I didn’t take any pictures with actors this time, because they didn’t have that many actors that interested me, but still, the event was great and I am definitely preferring this one over ACC.

HobbitCon VIER – 30 March / 3 April

Oh, this con feels like home, honestly! And it was such a bittersweet one this year, seeing as it would be the last HobbitCon ever. FedCon wanted to do something different, so they stopped RingCon and HobbitCon and are now creating a ‘completely’ new con. Still, this year was amazing, I met Ryan Gage and Billy Boyd (!!!!) and just – ahh HobbitCon! <3

X-Men Marathon – 18 May

What’s better than celebrating your birthday? Going to a marathon of one of your favourite movie franchises on your birthday! The new X-Men movie, Apocalypse was coming out on the 19th which was pretty exciting already, but they organised a marathon the day/night before, which was my 24th birthday! Best decision ever!

Amsterdam Comic Con – 27 & 28 August

Honestly, like I said, I prefer Dutch Comic Con. ACC was great too, of course, but of course, it being their first time in Amsterdam, the first time in the Netherlands at all I believe, a lot of things weren’t that great. I hope they will do better next time, and maybe I’ll visit them again! I did meet Sean Astin and Natalia Tena here, which was absolutely great!

Dutch X-Mas Con – 17 & 18 December

Of course, after the success of their regular con, the organisers of Dutch Comic Con decided to organise a Christmas themed convention! I got a weekend ticket and had lots of fun, bought way too much stuff (blame Star Wars) and even though I was really ill (a cold+sore throat + visit to the dental surgeon the Thursday before the con) I had lots of fun!

So these were my five favourite events of 2016, I hope next year will be filled with just as many great events! Did you go to a convention this year? Or any other great events?

Tomorrow it’s time to look forward to 2017!