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BOTY ’16: Best TV Shows Watched

Lately, I have been horrible at watching/finishing a TV show, but at the beginning of the year, I did finish a couple of good ones. So I’d like to share those shows with you, in alphabetical order of course!

Agent Carter Season 2 –

Dedicated to the fight against new Atomic Age threats in the wake of World War II, Agent Carter journeys from New York City to Los Angeles for her most dangerous and bizarre assignment yet. Cast: Hayley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Dominic Cooper, Lotte Verbeek, Enver Gjokaj, Chad Michael Murray – IMDB.

Peggy Carter was, in my opinion, the best thing about the first Captain America movie, and I was thrilled to find out she would get her own TV show. The second season was even cooler than the first, but unfortunately, not everyone seemed to think so – because, after two seasons, the show was cancelled, which is such a shame because I loved this show SO MUCH!

American Horror Story S1 til S4 – 

An anthology series that centers on different characters and locations, including a murder house, an asylum, a coven, a freak show, a hotel and a sinister farmhouse. Cast: Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Dennis O’Hare, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett – IMDB.

Together with Tanja, I decided to finally make my way through the seasons of American Horror Story, and this year we watched seasons 1 through 4. I am currently still watching season 5, but like I said I haven’t been into watching TV shows that much lately, so I guess I’ll be continuing it in 2017! I have to say some seasons were better than others, but overall it’s a great show.

Daredevil Season 2 –

In the void left by Fisk’s removal, a new threat to Hell’s Kitchen emerges. Murdock and Foggy take on a client with a questionable past. Cast: Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Jon Bernthal, Elodie Yung, Rosario Dawson – IMDB.

I watched the first season around the time it came out, but this time I didn’t feel like immediately watching everything as soon as it was released on Netflix. I don’t know how long it took me to finally watch all episodes, but I did enjoy it, though I have to say I prefer the Marvel movies a bit more. Still, it was a good season and it’s made me pumped for the upcoming show The Defenders!

Heroes Season 1 – 

Common people discover that they have super powers. Their lives intertwine as a devastating event must be prevented Cast: Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia, Masi Oka, Greg Grunberg, Zachary Quinto, Ali Larter – IMDB.

I had once started watching this show, when it aired on TV years ago, but never finished it. Then, we got Netflix and I finally watched the first season completely. I really enjoyed it, especially Stan Lee’s cameo, and I am definitely going to continue watching the rest of the show – though apparently, Netflix has deleted it all, yay.

Jessica Jones Season 1 – 

A former superhero decides to reboot her life by becoming a private investigator. Cast: Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Eka Darville, David Tennant, Mike Colter, Carrie-Anne Moss – IMDB.

Netflix and Marvel had lots of fun this year making three different shows together, one of them being Daredevil, another show about Luke Cage and the third being Jessica Jones – three of the four Defenders. I was excited for this show, partly because David Tennant was in it (who ended up being the creepiest of creeps, to be honest). It was a great show, but almost as dark and gritty as Daredevil was. Still, very excited for season 2!

Which TV shows did you enjoy most this year? And which ones are you anticipating next year?

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