2016 was also, of course, the year of cosplay. To be honest, I haven’t done many new cosplays, though I have planned plenty for the future. I am just that person that keeps on procrastinating because I want it to be perfect and I know I can’t make it perfect because my sewing skills are like 0. Anyway, here are the five costumes I put together/wore this year, and the five costumes I really definitely want to do next year!

I have a cosplay page, by the way. I have been very bad at updating it, but one of my goals next year is to definitely update it more with progress pictures and such.

Jessica Jones (Marvel TV Show)

I had been planning on starting and finishing Rey in time for Amsterdam Comic Con, but the days came and went and I just did not start it. Eventually, about a week or two before the con happened, I decided I was going to put together a Jessica Jones cosplay. I got a cheap wig, got some gloves and a flask. Unfortunately, that Sunday it was possibly one of the hottest days of the summer. And there I was wearing a winter-proof cosplay. Oops. Luckily, I got to wear it again for Dutch Xmas Con, and there it was nice and warm!

Laketown person / Older Tilda (The Hobbit)

Again an original cosplay plan that went down the drain – the dress I had ordered for my Silmarillion Nessa cosplay hadn’t arrived the week before HobbitCon, so I went to a vintage store where I put together a whole Laketown inspired outfit. I ended up wearing it the whole HobbitCon weekend because it was comfortable and I didn’t feel like wearing a wig.

Lula May (Now You See Me 2)

This was actually a cosplay that I got together without delaying it, the only unfortunate part was that I never got to wear it for a convention. After seeing Now You See Me 2 I fell in love with Lula’s character, and together with two friends, I decided to cosplay three of the characters. This cosplay was more inspired by the original outfit because the almost accurate skirt I wanted to use was more f-ed up than I had expected. But I ended up not wearing it for the convention I was supposed to wear it at. Oh well. Maybe I could wear it next year. Maybe for the premiere of the third movie?

Quicksilver (X-Men Apocalypse, Age of Ultron)

You didn’t see that coming? Well, I bet you did. I think this is the only cosplay this year that I got complete and almost screen accurate. After seeing Evan Peters in X-Men Apocalypse, I decided that was the outfit I wanted to focus on, and I got everything together in time for Castlefest. Then, I also ordered the shirt Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s version wore, and though I have yet to wear that outfit, I am ready to be Quicky for the rest of my life!

Scarlet Witch (Marvel comics)

I also, of course, cosplayed Pietro’s sister, Wanda, whom I love just as much as I love Pietro. For the comic days in Haarlem, I decided to do a closet cosplay with my own hair but with the headpiece, Tanja and I had made. I am still planning on doing a comic accurate cosplay, and I am thinking about doing the bathing-suit one, but with less boob. (Featured in the pic btw is Tanja as Jubilee).

And we’re onto the five cosplays I have planned for next year. Yes, Rey is still on my list as well, but these are new ones that I’ve added to my list this year that I really want to focus on more.

Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows)

Don’t tell me. I know I am way too white for Inej, but I don’t give a fuck. Partly also because Nina has already been taken by a friend of mine (and approved by Leigh Bardugo herself), and I just love this book series so much, I am just going to cosplay her. I am going to try to make the outfit she wears on the official art, but I am possibly going to buy a nice purple dress instead of making one.

Kate Bishop (Marvel Comics)

I love archery and I love Hawkeye, so I think it was a no-brainer that I would cosplay Kate Bishop. I could use the wig I bought for Jessica as well, but the only problem with Kate’s superhero outfit are those holes by her hips. I think I am just going to cover them up. Also, I have no idea if I am going to buy the suit or make it. Ugh. BUT HAWKEYE.

Mera (DC Bombshells)

Yes, I know. ‘You’re not even a DC fan, why are you cosplaying a DC character?!’ First of all, I am starting to get into DC a bit more now that they’ve noticed there are more characters than Batman, Superman and the Joker. Second, of all, we’re doing a group and I love cosplay groups so yes. Mera was the first option for me and I am very excited for this. Though I will be wearing shorts. And shoes. is already crying about the goddamn trident

Kamala Khan (Marvel comics)

DAMN Nessa, back at it again with the cosplaying of non-white characters. It’s just that I love Kamala so so much and her outfit is so simple, I could even use my own hair for it!

Queenie Goldstein (Fantastic Beasts)

Queenie my queen! Ahhh I fell in love with her from the first moment she appeared in the movie, and even though pink isn’t exactly my favourite colour, I cannot wait to cosplay her! The coat is something I am probably going to buy, but I am hoping to make the dress myself. Tanja is going to be my sister, Tina, and another friend of ours is going to be Newt! YAY!

So those were my top five cosplays of this year, and the ones I am really hoping to at least make a start with next year! Do you cosplay? If yes, which character has been your favourite to cosplay this year?

Next up is TV shows that I’ve seen!