Of course, there was a soundtrack for 2016, and today I will share my top five favourite songs, and my p five albums of 2016! Let me tell you, the albums will all be movie soundtracks, as that is what I have been listening to the most. Again, in alphabetical order!


The Four Horsemen by Metallica

I first heard this song in the movie X-Men: Apocalypse and immediately loved it. When I later found out it was called ‘The Four Horsemen’ I loved it even more. Every time I listen to it I see that transformation scene from the movie and yes that was good.

Freedom by Pharrell Williams

Again a song from a movie, this time it’s from Now You See Me 2. I fell in love with this movie and I had this song in my head for so long. And then I finally found out the title of this song and I listened to it every day since!

How Far I’ll Go by Auli’i Cravalho

Moana was honestly one of the best things to happen this year (and yes I did not put it on my list of best movies, but that is because I am a loser). But the story, the characters and the songs were incredible. My favourite by far is How Far I’ll Go!

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

I went to HobbitCon this year (last time sniff) and we finally got featured in the closing ceremony video all thanks to our Pornobalken t-shirts. You can view that video here, just look for the big blob of orange! This song was the one they used underneath the video, and it gives me good HobbitCon vibes every time I listen to it.

Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

Another great thing about X-Men Apocalypse was another AMAZING Quicksilver scene. My friend told me I would love the song and I did so so much! Honestly, that scene was probably the best thing about the movie…


Ant-Man Soundtrack

I had never expected to love a movie called Ant-Man this much, but I absolutely loved this movie when it came out last year. So this year I finally decided to get myself the soundtrack, which makes me happy every time I listen to it.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts was probably my favourite movie of this year, and the soundtrack gave me chills every time I heard it in the movie. So naturally, I got it and I’ve been listening to it nonstop for weeks now. (Okay maybe not nonstop).

The Force Awakens

Of course, I would love the TFA soundtrack because it’s composed by John Williams who did all the previous Star Wars movies as well as the first couple of Harry Potter movies.

Now You See Me 2

Bryan Tyler is honestly one of my favourite composers ever, he’s done so many great movies including Now You See Me and Age of Ultron. This song below is my favourite of the NYSM2 soundtrack, as it is also one of my favourite scenes in the movie.

X-Men: Apocalypse

The original soundtrack of X-Men Apocalypse is of course also brilliant, and I immediately got it after seeing the movie. 

And that is my soundtrack this year, which songs have been your most-played of the year? I am a big idiot because I forgot one item which is book covers. So I’ll post that tomorrow instead of cosplay. Ha ha ha.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about my fav book covers!