Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #22

I cannot believe we’re halfway through December already. It’s almost Christmas, and less than a week after that, it’s time for the new year! I’ve been doing these Behind the Scenes post for almost a year now, and I really enjoy sharing pictures of my personal life on here! So it is definitely a thing I am taking with me to the new year. But for now, let’s look at the first two weeks of December!

I went to a Christmas market with my mum, where we bought lots of stuff that wasn’t necessarily Christmas-y. But it was nice, and I got a cool necklace that I could use for my Wanda Maximoff cosplay!

I realised last minute that I still needed to pack Tanja’s birthday present, so I went downstairs and had Disney ‘help’ me. More like, she was in the way and she kept on trying to bite/lick the paper.

We went out to my favourite restaurant for dinner, and I had my favourite pizza of all time. What a time to be alive!

YAY Christmas! Also yes it was cold, hence me still wearing my scarf.

My sisters were supposed to go to the gym, but when I got home from work they were still there, and we played Monopoly instead. We also got McDonald’s, and I got a Happy Meal which had an Eevee in it!

I went to Haarlem with my mum to do some early Christmas shopping, and we ended up at Doppio for some lunch. It was really nice, only the rucola wasn’t that great and I scraped most of it off.

YODA SLIPPERS! They were so cool, but they are so annoying to walk with, especially when you have to go up a staircase. So I didn’t buy them, though I did get a cool Christmas/pizza jumper and a dress for New Year’s Eve!

Queenie was feeling a bit lonely, so I ended up buying a Jacob pop! because he was also just yelling at me to buy him.

I wasn’t feeling like watching anything, but I ended up watching the first two episodes of season 5 of American Horror Story. So far it’s not amazing, but it’s entertaining, and I really want to continue watching. Kitty was with me the whole time until at one point she was called downstairs for food and she meowed at me hysterically as I tried to pause Netflix (which is really difficult on a tablet, apparently).

My mum wanted to order Cards Against Humanity for my sister for Christmas, but the only Dutch web store that sold it had it for €60! So we went to Amazon, where I was also allowed to add this GORGEOUS illustrated edition of Chamber of Secrets, ahhhhh!

We went to the city to do some more Christmas shopping, and we went to the Febo which I hadn’t been to in such a long time! I don’t love hamburgers that much, but these ‘grill burgers’ are THE. BEST.

My sister was getting rid of some clothes, and apparently, she had bought this shirt a while ago. The sleeves were too small, but I fixed it by cutting them off! Now I can cosplay Tate, lol!

Tanja and I went to see Moana, which I loved, and then went to a friends’ house to watch Captain America: Civil War. Neither of us had had dinner, so we ordered something from New York Pizza. And then they delivered the wrong pizza. So I called them and told them I wanted my pizza, and it took over forty-five minutes for my pizza to arrive. By that time I was so hungry I basically inhaled it.

My dad built a shelf around my bed, and there was this huge area over my bed that we still needed to put some shelves on. I got these pages from Lin and Nine’s wedding and decided I was going to put them on that piece of the wall because the wallpaper behind it looked like shit. It looks a lot better now!

We put the Christmas decoration up, and now Christmas can officially start! I still need to make my own room a bit Christmas-y, but I’m not planning on doing anything big, to be honest.

We went out for sushi again, before going to see Love Actually. It’s my mum’s favourite Christmas movie, and they were showing it in the cinema for one more time. I had never fully seen the movie, and I have to say it’s not my kind of movie, but it was entertaining!

Yesterday it was finally time for Rogue One. The Pathé had two cool things going on: you could get a pair of Death Trooper 3D glasses, and if you bought three bottles of Coca-Cola, you could get a Rogue One cup. The movie was great, and I’ll write a review asap!

After the movie, we decided we wanted to go to Novecento, and we had our usual pizzas. Mine was not as big as the last time, I think they finally understood the message that they often put too much chicken in it! And that’s the end of my first two weeks of December!

How was your month so far?