Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #21

November is already at its end, and we’re starting the last month of 2016 already! I am happy that this year is almost over, not because I thought it was a crappy year, but because I have so many great things happening in 2017 that I cannot wait to start that year! But for now, let’s take a look at the last two weeks of November, shall we?


I was cycling back from the dentist when I saw these three trees together. I loved the colours so I actually stopped for once and took a picture of them. Nature is great sometimes!


I’ve been meaning to try out some technique I heard from a friend to make curls in my wig, and I tried it out one night for the Harry Potter release party I was going to. Let’s just say my way of doing it failed miserably, but my sister managed to save the wig with…. a straightener.


Ever since this new edition of Nerve came out, I wanted to see it with my own eyes, because I wanted to know whether Dave Franco was on the back of the book. AND HE WAS. So maybe I’m going to buy this edition in the future, just so I can have Dave Franco’s face on my bookshelf.


They had these cardboard cut-outs of the four main characters from Fantastic Beasts, and I had to make a selfie with Jacob because he’s amazing!


After my friend convinced me, I bought the Fantastic Beasts screenplay book, and gosh I love it so much! Look at the tiny golden Niffler on the naked book and the dust jacket looks amazing as well and ahh I am so much in love with the book and the movie and the world!


I was having a bit of an off day, and I decided I was going to reorganise my bookshelves again. I also picked out a couple more books I wasn’t interested in anymore and put up a post on Facebook. Unfortunately, no one has commented yet, so that’s the last time I’ll be doing that. (Y)


Disney thought it was all very fascinating to see all these books here, so she decided to help. And by help I mean she was going to walk all over the books, making them fall off my bed, and basically just manage to stand exactly on the spot I was supposed to get a book from.


And here is the result. I’ve put it all on genre now, so it’ll hopefully be easier to find books from now on. I loved the rainbow shelves, but the problem was that I just couldn’t really remember where each book was. So yeah, genre is easier because I would remember ‘Cinder is science fiction, so it’ll be there’.


I ordered Inferno from Awesomebooks because that was the only Robert Langdon book I didn’t own yet. Unfortunately, they gave me the wrong cover. I’m not too sad about it, though, because this book is the exact same size as my other three Langdon books, while I wasn’t 100% certain that left cover would be the same size. Oh well.


For some reason, I got my non-happy meal order in a happy meal box. They did manage to put a smile on my face though, but I was secretly hoping they had also put a Pokémon in my box (because that’s what you currently get when you order a happy meal). Unfortunately, there was no Pokémon in my box.


We wanted to see both Fantastic Beasts ánd Doctor Strange again, and so we decided to just see both of them on the same day.


Pokémon Go was hosting a special Thanksgiving event, and that was also the introduction of Ditto, the shapeshifting Pokémon. The only problem was that you had to catch a Pidgey, Rattata or Zubat (and perhaps one or two others as well) and then hope it would turn into a Ditto. I had no such luck for a whole day, until eventually in the evening I had my Ditto, ahhhhh!


Had another shitty day, but luckily Disney was there to cuddle with me. For a whole five minutes. Then she went downstairs because of food. *sad sigh*


I love sales, and I love Black Friday sale. It’s becoming more of a thing here in the Netherlands, and some (online) bookstores had discounts as well. So I ordered Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver, one of the few books of her that I have not read yet. I also renewed my license for the Ultimate Book Bloggers Plugin, which made me really excited!

How was your November?