Yes, November is already over, and we’re onto the last month of the year. December. The month of Sinterklaas, Christmas and the Doctor Who Christmas special (though I still have not seen the previous one, oops). But first, we’re going to wrap up November!

Books bought, received


I’d like to call this ‘oops I did it again’. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy that many books, but then Awesomebooks happened, and someone convinced me to buy the Fantastic Beasts screenplay. So yeah. Ehm.


Most of these books were all second-hand, in fact, I believe the FB Screenplay and Vanishing Girls are the only new books I bought. And the Part-Time Indian as well, but that’s an ebook that I got with a discount code as well!


I got the two physical ARCs from a friend, which I had not expected at all. I’d spoken to her about the sequel to Rebel of the Sands but had kind of forgotten about it until I received the package. My first physical ARCs, ahh! The rest of these books were all from Netgalley and I cannot wait to read the graphic novel about the cats and of course the Doctor Who book!

Other stuff bought, received


  • Lula May cosplay (dress, fishnet stockings, fur vest)
  • Six of Crows tote bag
  • Queenie Goldstein Funko Pop!
  • Slytherin scarf
  • Watch
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 & part 2 on DVD

After seeing Fantastic Beasts I completely fell in love with the Goldstein sisters, so when I saw the Funkos at the Popshop, I bought Queenie for myself, and Tina for my best friend whose birthday was a couple of days ago. I also bought another Slytherin scarf, because this one had more accurate colours, and I wanted a souvenir from the Harry Potter movie concert. The DH DVD’s were the last two I still needed, and I could buy them for €10 from someone on Facebook. SCORE.

Read, Watched, Started

All the books I’ve read, movies and TV shows I’ve seen and everything I am currently still reading or watching. Titles with a * behind it are rereads or rewatches. I’ll add a link to the review if there is one.


This month was the month I reached my goal of 100 books, with Rebel of the Sands being book 100. I think the fact that I reached my goal so soon this year is because I’ve read loads of graphic novels throughout the year.


Not many new movies, but I did see possibly my favourite movie of the year this month, which obviously is Fantastic Beasts. The problem is that I am just so not in the mood to commit myself to a TV series at the moment, but the fact that I watched AHS with Tanja helped a lot.

Next month

December is hopefully going to be a nice month, with Christmas and Dutch X-Mas Con to look forward to. That same week of DXC I have an appointment with the dental surgeon though, so I am not looking forward to that so much. BUT it is also the week I am going to see Rogue One, which makes it a bit better!


Other than that I hope to see lots of other great movies, buy some great Christmas presents for my family and get some nice ones as well. I’m not going to set a reading goal for this month, and I am not going to pick a huge pile of books I want to read, because I have reached my RC goal already and I think December is going to be the month of reading what I am in the mood for at that exact moment. I do have a little TBR pile, but I’m not 100% going to hold myself to it (have I ever read all the books I mentioned in the ‘want to read’ section below?)

I want to read: Inferno, Cinder (reread), Generation Zero vol. 1, Let it Snow, Stargirl.
I want to watch: Star Wars: Rogue One, Nocturnal Animals, Passengers, Moana, Sing, Collateral Beauty

How was your November?