Our last day already. No one felt like going home, but unfortunately we had to. Even better (or worse, actually), we had to get out of our hotel room before twelve o’clock, though the convention would be until at least five o’clock.

Anyway, we woke up, got dressed and started packing for a bit. Then we decided to go downstairs for breakfast, after a while, Tanja went to get coffee, but the machine stopped working for some reason – and she told us a German guy walked up to the machine, pointed at it and said ‘Uh-oh, kaputt gemacht’, which is something we’re still laughing about right now. Then, we went to properly pack everything, and checked out. We were able to put our suitcases and coats away for only €2,50 (for everything, not per item which was awesome), and then we went into the convention. We walked around a bit, though everything was being taken away, I did buy a poster which I showed to you in a previous post, but all the shops were packing up their stuff. We went into the hauptsaal for the panel of Adam and Jed, which was incredibly funny.

After a while, Mark Hadlow came onto the stage, ‘angry’ because he wasn’t in this panel, though his ‘brothers’ (they play Ori, Nori and Dori) were. He had a panel after Adam’s and Jed’s, with Graham McTavish (Dwalin). After a couple of questions, Adam told us about how Graham was not very good at horse riding, and that, if you watched closely, you could see him ‘struggling’ with the horse in one of the scenes of the movie.

Then Mark and Graham came onto the stage (Graham was holding his plastic bag with Dwalin’s arm again), and there was a question about a movie that Graham was filming, a ‘supernatural western’, and suddenly the crowd started laughing really hard. Adam and Jed were sitting in the room, holding their hands up in the air. Then they ran towards the nearest microphone and asked Graham what he was going to do about the horses. To which Graham answered, ‘I’ll shoot them’. At the end of the panel, he showed us his arm again and told the same story.


After that panel, we went walking around again. We didn’t really know what else we could do, seeing as there wasn’t much else to do. I went to make some pictures of Anouck, Annemarie, Anne and Arthur, because they were dressed as the four hobbits from Lord of the Rings (Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, of course); and then we sat and waited for the closing ceremony.

We got back into the hauptsaal when the panel of John Callen (Oin) and Peter Hambleton (Gloin) was still busy, and we watched a bit of that. Then, the closing ceremony happened.

The German speaking woman was back, and she started giving away prices. We had bought raffle tickets, before, when we were talking with the guy I bought the poster from (he turned out to be Dutch); and they were announcing the winners of the three big prices (tickets for RingCon, tickets+hotel for RingCon and breakfast with your favourite RingCon guest). I won neither of them, of course, but it was quite nice to watch the winners being chosen. There was also the costume contest, and the people I voted for actually won, yay!

Then Mark Ferguson came onto the stage, and not long after that those female hobbits from the opening ceremony again. They danced, and then Azog came onto the stage with another orc, and they started fighting. There were lots of different people trying to defeat Azog, but in the end it were the female hobbits that got him onto his knees, and a girl with a bow and arrow (who looked a bit like Katniss to me), ‘defeated’ him.


Then of course the guests were announced again, and then Mark Ferguson told us there was going to be a surprise. Two microphones were put on the stage, the lights went off and the eight dwarves walked towards the two microphones. And they sang the Misty Mountains song from the movie. And I tried SO HARD not to cry because SERIOUSLY. Later, while we were in the train, I told everyone that if Richard Armitage had been there, Tanja would have had to DRAG me out of the hotel because I would have died.

And then it happened. The end of HobbitCon. We waited outside for Annemarie, who was seated somewhere else (the others had already gone back to the trainstation, because they had an earlier train), and we went to get out stuff. There we saw the French girls we had met on the first con-day, and we said goodbye to them, which was a bit hard (some ‘I don’t want to go’, and some crying happened); then they left, and we got our suitcases.

We went to the tube and then decided to go to McDonalds, because we were a bit hungry, and Tanja and I still had some time to spare (we got there at around somewhere past six, I guess, and our train wouldn’t leave until a quarter to eight). Annemarie left earlier, cause she had an earlier train, and then we sat there, talking for a bit until we went to get our train.

We traveled in the ICE for about fifteen minutes, which was awesome. And then the whole changing trains happened. We had five changes, one of which was in a place that I am not even going to TRY repeating. It started with an M, and it was still in Germany, though from there we’d take a train to Venlo.

In that train, we saw Arthur, Anne and Anouck again. They had left a couple of hours earlier than we did, but they had had so much delay that eventually we were in the same train again, which was nice! We had a lot of fun (especially about the whole ‘kaputt gemacht’ thing), and annoyed the people that were in the same compartment as us.

In Utrecht, the rest got off the train, and we traveled through to Amsterdam, and from there we took a train back to Schiphol, where we were picked up by Tanja’s dad. And then I was home. I felt really tired, and really sad, because I really did not want to go home.

I hope next year’s HobbitCon will be just as awesome as it was this year. Because I am definitely going again next year!