And we’re halfway through another month already! Let me take you through the first two weeks of November with these pictures!


My mum had gotten me a Christmas jumper for my Quicksilver Christmas cosplay, and of course, I had to remake this picture of Evan Peters. I even managed to make the picture blurry (because I cannot take selfies w/ the sound buttons on my phone).

I got a package in the mail, while I hadn’t ordered anything (or well, I had but not something that came from within my own country). Turns out a friend of mine had sent me this amazing package with two ARCs and MY NEW FAVOURITE BAG! Ahhhhh!

Tanja and I went to Harry Potter in concert, where they showed the first movie with a live orchestra playing the score. It was magical and amazing and I am definitely going again when they do Chamber of Secrets, next year!

We’d both decided to go in our Hogwarts costumes, and these two – who I believe were the only other ones in costume – wanted to take a picture with us!

Look at this lazy kitty! She didn’t want to come any closer though, and she didn’t want to take my hand so I was a little disappointed.

Tanja was showing off all the Funko pops she had, and I decided to look at mine as well. At the moment of taking this picture, I owned 25 pops and one Dorbz. Oops.

I got the Nightmare Before Christmas manga from Netgalley because I love NBC and I wanted to try out other forms of graphic novels than just comics. It was really nice and I soon got the Les Misérables manga as well!

After the successful Disney weeks, Pathé decided to organise a month of Disney princess stories. They showed Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. We’re also going to Aladdin at the end of this month, and I am thrilled!

Rather than just have one big pizza, I had these tiny pizzas for dinner. They are really easy to eat and they are just as delicious as a normal pizza (and a bit tastier than frozen pizza’s in my opinion).

It’s Tanja’s birthday at the end of the month, and she organised a Marvel themed birthday party. She’d made up some Marvel shots and a lot of vodka was involved.

She’d been a bit busy with work that day, and we ended up not having had dinner by the time the first people arrived. So with two others, we ordered pizza, which was 20 minutes late, but still very delicious!

The whole party gang! We were playing a birthday game, which involved a box that ticked, questions that needed to be answered, and a tulip that flew out of the box when the time was up.

Chocomel (thé chocolate milk brand) always has these cartons with letters on it around November/December, and we saw a great opportunity! Robert Downey Jr. is the best, okay?

My goal was ‘close enough’, and I think I got close enough. She’s wearing a big fur coat with sleeves, but I couldn’t find any that were good enough. So I went for this vest, and I’ll just wear a black cardigan under it!

Just look at how cool this is! We went to the midnight premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, where they had these cauldrons with dry ice. The movie was amazing by the way, and I recommend every Harry Potter lover to watch it, even if you’re weary after The Cursed Child! (So. Much. Better. Than. That!)

Next day, we went to Haarlem where I bought Tina for Tanja as a birthday present and Queenie for myself. We also made the plan to cosplay them. And I am so thrilled for that, ahhhhh!

Remember when my mum and I wanted to order Subway, but they were closed? WELL, I FINALLY HAD MY SUBWAY SANDWICH! It was delicious and now I am really craving more.

So that concludes the first two weeks of November!

How was your November, so far?