Five Best Scenes in Movies

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Sometimes you watch a movie, and there is this one scene that just stays with you. You think about it, you dream about it, you rewatch the movie just for that one scene. Okay, maybe you just rewatch the movie because you love the movie, but that one scene will always be the scene you are looking forward to the most. Today I will share my five most favourite scenes from my favourite movies!

Sweet Dreams are made of Quicksilver

I just…. this scene gives me life. I already really liked this movie from that point, but by the time this scene came around I loved it. I loved Quicksilver ever since he appeared in Age of Ultron and my love for him extended to his X-Men counterpart and YES.

Thé Card Throwing Scene from NYSM 2

Oh god yes, I just love this so much. It has made me want to learn how to throw playing cards, and I wouldn’t say I could do this, but I can at least throw a card across the room correctly! I just love how this isn’t even mostly magic tricks, but just simple card throwing. And I believe the cast has actually done a lot of this themselves!

“Avengers… Time to work for a living!”

It is no secret I loved the second Avenger movie more than the first, but this scene is what I live for. Sure the previous film had these kinds of scenes as well, but this one is just amazing and I want a scene like this in every Marvel movie, ok?

Blunt the Knives, Bend the Forks…

THAT’S WHAT BILBO BAGGINS HATES! Oh, this scene, where everyone was still happy and unhurt and alive and goddamnit I am crying again. I love these dwarves so much, and I love this song and I am still in denial.

Rey kicks Kylo Ren’s ass

The Force Awakens is so far my favourite Star Wars movie, and that is partly due to this A M A Z I N G lightsaber battle between Rey and Kylo Ren. I just love how my tiny baby kicks his ass! <3

Do you have a favourite scene from a movie?

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