Day three started early as well, but a bit later than the day before, because we were both quite tired from the party. We went to have breakfast with the rest (Anouck, Annemarie, Anne and Arthur, like I said in my previous post) and then went to Adam Brown’s (Ori) panel, which was between 10 and 11. Because there weren’t a lot of people, we decided to sit frontrow, so we could finally see something properly (our cards said we were supposed to sit in the fourteenth row, in section A); and then we hurried back upstairs to get our bags and money, because after Adam’s panel, we were going to have our picture taken with Dean.

When we arrived at the room where the picture was being taken, we went to join the queue, and saw that it was extremely long. It went around a corner, and then around ANOTHER corner. We figured out that if we didn’t get our chance that day, we’d try it the day after, because luckily Dean had two photosessions. After waiting in the queue for a while, meeting a fellow Dutchie (she was standing somewhere behind us, and a guy came up with raffle tickets, and he said something to a girl about not living in Maaskantje, so we were like ‘DUTCH PEOPLE!!!!!!1’); we finally got our turn with a picture (luckily). As I walked up to Dean, the first thing he said was: ‘hey, I remember you!’ which was a bit.. really awesome… Anyway, he asked me for my name (‘what was your name again?’, not that I had told him before) and we had our picture taken.


After the picture, we went to walk around a lot, sit a lot and moan about the pain in our legs a lot, I think between sitting a lot and eating we went to see Doctor Who (or after the eating, but at least, we went to watch the new Doctor Who episode on this day), and it was AWESOME. We decided to go and get something to eat. there was a massive buffet happening in the lobby of the hotel, so we decided to go and see how much everything cost. A piece of pizza was seven ‘bons’, so we decided to get some of those ‘bons’. One ‘bon’ was 50 cents, so I paid only three euros and fifty cents for my pizza (which turned out wasn’t just one slice, but two).

After eating and sitting for a long time, we went to the hauptsaal because the Gameshow with Mark Hadlow, Dean O’Gorman, Jed Brophy and Stephen Hunter was going to happen soon. First there was Sylvester McCoy’s second panel, which we only saw a bit of. Then, the gameshow happened. The four actors were divided into two teams, Dean and Mark in team ‘Hot Dwarves’ and Jed and Stephen in ‘Team Bombur’. There were several rounds, and two people in the audience were supposed to keep the score (which they weren’t really that good at).

There was a normal quiz, where they were supposed to answer Tolkien related questions; where Jed and Mark were the buzzers, and Dean and Stephen were the ones that had to answer the questions. There was one question, where Mark Ferguson asked what the name of the Goblin King was, to which Stephen answered ‘Thranduil’. It made the whole room roar with laughter.


There was a round where each member of the team was supposed to tell a ‘weird’ story, and the other team had to guess whether this story was true or false. Dean told the story of how he got stuck inside a letterbox. And yes, I am going to type out his story (though there is a video of it, I feel like typing it okay). Basically, he was 19 and living together with an older, Irish woman who apparently was drunk 24/7. It was five in the morning, and he had just gotten back from filming something, but he had forgotten his keys. So, Dean decided it would be a good idea to climb into the letterbox, open the door, climb out and get in like that. (I have to tell you, it was a large letterbox, apparently, that could not only hold letters but milk as well). Anyway, long story short, he couldn’t reach the door, wanted to climb back out but saw that he had nothing to push against. He started shouting for his roommate, who got up and she couldn’t get him out either. Eventually she called the fire department, who showed up and had to cut a hole in the wall to get him out.

And this story turned out to be true. It was really one of the funniest things I have ever heard. And of course, now every time I see a large letterbox during my job (have I told you yet, I still work as a mail deliverer!), I think of that story and almost always burst out into laughter. A funny story, the first day of delivering mail after HobbitCon, I nearly got my hand stuck in a letterbox. One of those that you have to PUSH in to get the mail in. Yeah, well… I love letterboxes. I think the game show ended with a tie, or with Team Bombur winning, but I am not entirely sure.

After the gameshow it was time for Graham’s panel. It was really funny, and at the end of the panel he showed us one of Dwalin’s arms, which he had brought with him in a plastic bag. And he told us a funny story about it, which I will not repeat here, because it also sounded a bit… disgusting.

After Graham’s panel we went upstairs to eat some more, change into our normal clothes (not me, I was wearing my normal clothes for the entire day already), and we waited a bit until it was time to go downstairs for the party. I didn’t stay that long, because I already felt really tired and I went upstairs at around twelve-ish, I think. I don’t know what time I went to bed, but I do know that I really did not want to. Because the next day would also be the last day. And I didn’t want to go home!