The tenth month of the year is at its end and it’s getting colder already. Let’s take a look at the last two weeks of October!


It was rather cold, but still a really nice day, so we went Pokémon hunting. I caught the last Squirtle I needed before I could evolve him into a Wartortle, yayyyy! Also, pretty clouds are pretty!


Really? Pizza? Again. Yeah well, we went to the Pathé Unlimited Night and decided to eat at Novecento beforehand. Because we were both craving our favourite pizza’s from this restaurant; ahh pizza Calzone! <3


There was a damn Blastoise on the beach (after kids were screaming all day that they saw Blastoise, he did finally appear) BUT IT RAN AWAY FROM BOTH OF US. Still, I have a Wartortle, but a Blastoise would have been awesome too! Meh.


Large had a bit of a sale going on, and I ordered a cardigan as well as this Uhura funko. The cardigan never got shipped (but my mum ordered the exact same one (for me as a Christmas present, oops) which did get shipped), and the funko has brown blotches in the eyes. Oh well. It was €6,66 (hehe).


I am just not going to comment on this. Yeah. Pizza. Again.


We were waiting for our pizza (my sister and me, not the cat) and he came to lie next to me because I was sitting in my mum’s spot. Such a loser.


Pokémon Go has a Halloween event going on, where you have more chance to catch Ghost pokémon and you get double the candy (when you catch one you get 6 when you transfer one you get 2 when your buddy finds candy you get 2). Thanks to this, I now have a Gengar and…


I finally managed to evolve my Magikarp into a GYARADOS AHHHH! I was really anxious to catch one more Magikarp during this Halloween event because that meant I could evolve him – but none showed up because I don’t live close to water. And then I went to work and THERE WAS ONE! YAS. Also look at my amazing Wartortle!


I was a bad Slytherin before this month because I didn’t have a tie or a scarf. But now I not only have those, I also have a hat! The colours of the scarf and hat match, which is nice!


It was my sister’s birthday, and she went out for sushi with my dad. Meanwhile, my mum and I wanted to order Subway because we saw a commercial and we were both in the mood for it. So we sat at the computer together only to find out it was closed on Wednesday. Instead, we ordered this. No, I am not obsessed with pizza, what are you talking about?!


Snapchat has special Halloween filters in addition to their normal ones. This is the flower crown filter but ‘spooky’ whooooooOOooOOOoooo.


We went to see Inferno, the third Robert Langdon movie. While I enjoyed it, it did feel pretty much similar to the previous two. My friend commented that the book was better, and I am just going to try to not let either influence my opinion on the other.


I was reading Gemina, and they named a nebula after the world tree ahhhhh! I love this series so so much! Also the fact that the jumpstation is called Heimdall! YES GOOD GIVE ME ALL THE NORSE MYTHOLOGY REFERENCES!


I found my Wreck this Journal again and my favourite page so far. I really like this and I keep adding to it every time I open it. The words inside the big Tardis word and the purple ones on the left I added recently and I might try and add more on the left page.

How was your month?