Behind the Scenes

HobbitCon, day two!

The first ‘Con-day’ started quite early for us. Our alarm clock went off at around half past seven, because we had to register (aka get our wristband and card that would get us into the actual convention), and we thought there might be a long queue. So we got dressed quickly, went downstairs, and saw that not only we were able to register already (at eight, though the time on the paper had said half past eight), there was also no queue at all (except in front of the convention entrance. We got our stuff (the bracelet, the card and a goodiebag) and went to have breakfast.

We had a very nice breakfast (and a second breakfast). I had gotten ‘Greenleaf’ tea, because I thought it was funny because that’s Legolas’ nickname (i think, I don’t know if it’s his nickname or surname, idk if elves have surnames…), but it turned out to be very disgusting.. So we got English Breakfast tea instead. After a while, we went to get some more bread, and then I went to give Tanja a plate and nearly smacked her in the face with it (because Dean suddenly stood next to us, and I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing)… Oops.

After breakfast, Tanja decided to put on her Hobbit cosplay, and we went to join the queue that went into the convention. We walked around for a bit, did some shopping, I bought a necklace with Thorin’s key on it, and went upstairs to see what time the photosessions would be. We saw that Adam Brown’s (Ori) photosession would be soon, and we decided that we wanted to have our picture taken with him. Eventually, I went to put on my cosplay outfit too, and we met the Dutchies that we went to McDonalds with the night before. They were just about to check into their hotelrooms, so we decided to meet them after we had our picture taken with Adam.


Then we went upstairs, to the room where the pictures were being taken, and joined the queue for Adam. It all went very quickly, and pretty soon it was our turn. Adam is a very nice guy, honestly. He said hi, asked me what my name was and he was just really amazing. He told Tanja he loved her costume, and he was just really adorable! After we got our picture taken, we heard that we could pick up the pictures at the place where we registered, about an hour or two after they were taken. So we decided to go to the first panel of the day, the one of Mark Hadlow (Dori) and Stephen Hunter (Bombur).

I don’t really remember much of what they said (very bad short-term memory), but I do know it was a very funny panel. I filmed a bit of it, though it wasn’t allowed (which I didn’t know). Tanja and I planned on making a videodiary of our trip (like Only Seven Left always does), so I am going to add that part to the video.

After the panel we walked around for a bit with our new friends, had our picture taken by someone because we were all in costume of course, and then Tanja and I decided to change back into our normal clothes, because we wanted a ‘normal’ picture with Sylvester McCoy, which was going to happen around half past three. Sylvester McCoy is also a very nice person! He makes this very funny/adorable noise when he laughs for a picture, which nearly made me laugh out loud.


Dean’s panel was right after Sylvester’s photosession, but since we were a couple of the first in line, we were in the ‘hauptsaal’ on time for it. They talked a lot about the Hobbit of course, but also about ‘the Almighty Johnsons’, a TV show he plays in. Again, like with the other panel, I don’t remember much of what has been said, but there is one thing that I will remember forever. A fan asked him a question about being naked in TAJ, and he explained how when an actor gets naked on set; ‘they put a small… well I should say big sock’ (or something like that) around their area. Later, on our way home I thought of this thing we sometimes say in the Netherlands (and it’ll probably sound really crappy in English): You know what they say about guys with big feet… They need big socks; and then I remembered that sentence Dean said, and I haven’t stop laughing since.

After Dean’s panel, we decided to go and eat something, and after that we walked around a bit more. I took some pictures and then we decided to go back to the Hauptsaal for the opening ceremony, which was awesome!

It started with someone talking in German, which was a bit confusing (though I have been taught German at school for four years, I am still really bad at it), but after that Mark Ferguson came back on the stage, and he spoke in English. While he was talking, four girls dressed as Hobbits suddenly came onto the stage. They started singing one of Merry & Pippin’s songs, and then they started dancing.

A guy dressed up as Azog came onto the stage and he started dancing with them. Then, after the small show, all the guests were announced. The people who did workshops, the guys from WETA and of course the actors. They all said something, in either German or English, and they did some silly stuff; Mark Hadlow and Jed Brophy (Nori) started dancing with each other all of a sudden; and then, after Sylvester McCoy a mascotte (I think) got onto the stage. I still have NO idea what it was (it looked a bit like Spongebob, honestly), but it was funny. Sylvester was holding the microphone in front of its mouth, but of course it didn’t say anything.


After the opening ceremony, Sylvester McCoy’s panel happened. It was a very nice one, he got a lot of questions about Doctor Who (because he played the seventh incarnation of the Doctor, of course), and a couple about Sebastian the hedgehog (from the Hobbit). After a couple of questions, Sylvester just went off the stage, and walked trough the room, walking to people who had questions and put their hands up, having people (who wanted to ask a question) follow him around the room. At one point, Mark Ferguson said ‘we have a question on the balcony’, to which Sylvester looked up at the balcony and said ‘jump!’. I really liked him a lot more after the panel.

When his panel was over, we went upstairs to get something to drink (if you know what I mean), and then we had something to eat (again), and we went to the room of two of our friends (who are named Arthur, Annemarie, Anne and Anouck, by the way) and we had some fun there. Anouck and Anne did the ‘kabouterdans’. Then we put glowsticks around our heads and wrists (and costumes), and we went downstairs for the party at around 10-ish.

A very short summary of the part, we danced with Sylvester, Dean, Graham McTavish; we met some French girls (one of them was wearing the glowstick headband that Tanja had given to Sylvester McCoy, so we started talking to her), I got a very large glass of beer from Dean (he was holding two of those massive glasses, one of them was nearly empty, the other one completely full; I pointed at them and was like ‘why’, so he gave me the full one…); and then we took some pictures and video’s.

It was 3am when we got back into hour hotel room (actually it was 2am, but the clock went forward (daylight saving time or w/e that’s called), and suddenly it was 3 o’clock. And we put our alarm clocks on ‘early’ (I don’t even remember at what time we put them). And we went to sleep.