Behind the Scenes

HobbitCon, day one!

Two days ago, I came home from my first HobbitCon, which honestly was one of the best weekends of my life (I didn’t want to leave). I am going to make a couple of posts about this weekend, with some pictures of course. This post will be about the travel day, the day we left for Bonn, which started pretty early.

At 7am my alarm went off, and I still felt tired because I’d hardly slept. I ate something, made sure I really had everything and went on my way to the trainstation. I met Tanja on the way there, and we arrived at the airport’s trainstation with a bit of time to spare. We decided to get something to eat before getting on the train, but as it turns out we didn’t need to hurry at all… Because when we stepped onto the platform, we saw our train had a delay of ten minutes. Ten minutes became fifteen, and eventually twenty minutes after it was supposed to leave – we finally got to board the train. Halfway through our trip, we got an announcement that the train wouldn’t go further than Eindhoven, which meant we had to change trains there to get to Heerlen.

An hour after we were supposed to take our initial train from Heerlen, we arrived at the station so we technically could still use the same schedule, only an hour later. We arrived in Bonn around 3pm and after asking two kind police officers, we were on the tube towards the Maritim. The hotel was incredibly beautiful from the outside, and even more so on the inside. We checked in, brought our stuff to the room (which was really cool) and then decided to walk around for a bit. When we went back down to the lobby, we saw Mark Hadlow (who played Dori) check in, and later on we saw Sylvester McCoy (Radagast), so it was an exciting first day!

For dinner, we went to a McDonalds that we’d seen near the trainstation, where we’d med up with a couple of other Dutchies, one of which Tanja had talked with on Tumblr. They were staying at a different hotel the first night and would come to stay at the Maritim the day after. When we got back to the hotel, we decided to check out the swimming pool, which was really cool – we were probably the only ones who knew about it, or we were just really late, because we had the whole pool to ourselves!

After that, we went to sleep early because next day the convention would start, and we were both super excited for that! Yay!