Behind the Scenes #18

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We’re halfway through October already, damn time is really going as fast as Quicksilver now! Let me take you through these first two weeks!


On the 27th of September, I got Crooked Kingdom in the mail! I was super excited for this book and I read through it so quickly. It was possibly one of the, if not the best book of this year! And just look at that cover and the naked book and the pages had red edges and ahh I love it so much OH MY GOD.


A while back, I bought this re-usable mug from Starbucks, which was only €1,50. With it, you can get a discount at every Starbucks store if you buy a drink, and so I will take it with me every time I go somewhere, in case we’re going to get Starbucks.


Yes, we went to eat Sushi again. My mum was paying this time, and we went to a different Sumo restaurant this time. It was still very delicious, and I’m getting cravings looking at this picture right now.


I knew she’d gone upstairs, and I had expected her to be on my bed, but when I walked into my room she was there, on my laptop. She’d opened up that screen and done some other things, and dropped the gross cotton swab she’d probably found somewhere.


On the 4th, my sisters and I got a tattoo together. We’d decided upon three triangles (cuz there’s three of us) with each getting only one filled. I got the middle one filled because I’m the middle sister. It didn’t hurt as much as I had anticipated, it was only a bit painful when the triangle was being coloured in.


I’d also gotten an email that day that my Chekov funko had been delivered to the Popshop (which was close to where we’d gotten our tattoo) and so we took a little detour before going home, where my copy of The Hammer of Thor was also waiting for me! Yay!


I went to Tanja’s house to continue watching American Horror Story and neither of us was really that hungry. So we ended up buying and sharing one pizza.


I am not a person who is quick to donate money, partly because I can think of better ways to spend the money I earn every month; but when I saw this initiative by Marvel I decided to participate. Basically, you can share a picture of yourself (either in Marvel cosplay or not) and for every picture uploaded, Marvel will donate $5 to the Save the Children charity. If you’re interested, you can visit the website and upload your picture (that’s literally all it takes).


We decided to go to Kijkduin again, partly because another friend of ours wanted to come too. There was a pancake restaurant they wanted to go to, but most of the pancakes were around €8 euros, which I found a little too expensive for one pancake. So we went to this little Italian restaurant two doors down where I ordered this delicious Calzone pizza. In total, I paid €14 for the pizza and a drink. And I was so full afterwards. BEAT THAT, PANCAKE HOUSE!


The weather was nicer this time than the previous time we went to Kijkduin, only during dinner it started raining and it got a lot colder. We’d come prepared this time, with our winter coats and scarfs.


My anxiety went through the roof on Tuesday because I’d gotten a phone call from something I’ve been stalling for the past year already, but there was this adorable cat that I saw while working who just begged for my attention! <3


And of course, I had pizza again, because why not?!


My sisters and I wanted to go and see Blair Witch, but my sister accidentally bought tickets for Thursday instead of Friday, so we just went a day sooner and had hamburgers at a little restaurant across from the cinema. It was delicious, and I am usually not a hamburger fan, to be honest! The movie was rather boring though, most of the ‘scary’ moments were when someone (always someone from the group, not even the ‘bad guy’) jumped at the person that was holding the camera at that moment. Pff.

So yeah, that concludes the first two weeks of October. Let’s see what the second part brings us, shall we?!

How was your month so far?
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