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Five TV Series I Still Need to Finish

I love TV series, honestly. Thirteen or sometimes twenty-two episodes of something I really enjoy is often better than a two-hour movie. But I am also so so bad at keeping up with TV series. Maybe it’s the fact that most of the shows I love aren’t being broadcast in my country. Maybe it’s because I don’t own a TV anymore. Maybe it’s just because I am incredibly lazy. Let me tell you about five TV series I started but still have not finished.

American Horror Story – 6 seasons, 3 watched

In my defence: I wasn’t a huge horror fan at the time this show started and I was rather freaked out by the first season the first time I watched it. I thought the second season, Asylum, was going to be just as freaky, or perhaps even freakier. So I watched the first episode and then never continued. Same for the third season; just one episode and nothing else. I am currently making my way through the seasons though. I rewatched the first season and my friend and I watched the second season together. All seasons that have finished are on Netflix at the moment, which is a big plus!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 4 seasons, 3.5 watched

I love Marvel, and I love their TV Shows – both the Netflix ones and the ones broadcast on television. I watched the first two seasons of AoS completely and watched half of the third season, but when the new episodes started – I was in a sort of TV show slump and I didn’t want to watch anything. Season four is airing as we speak and I still have not been in the mood to watch the third season (which I am going to watch from the beginning again). The annoying part is that this is the only show in this list that Netflix does not have (at least not in my country), so I need to download it. I hate having to download episodes separately, especially when it’s a 22-episode season, so I usually wait until the season is over so I can download the whole show in one go.

Heroes – 4 seasons, 1 watched

This show was honestly one of my favourites back when it first aired. It even aired in the Netherlands at that time, and I watched most of the first season. But after a while, I just stopped watching and I didn’t bother to continue until the beginning of this year. Maybe it’s partly due to the fact that we now have Netflix, and everything is on there, but I finally finished season 1 this year. Now I just have to watch the rest.

Sleepy Hollow – 3 seasons, 3 episodes watched

RTL 5, I believe, was going to broadcast the first season of this show on TV. They would be showing three episodes each night until they ran out of episodes I guess. I watched the first three episodes, then forgot to watch the next three. By the time the third Sleepy Hollow night was on, I still hadn’t watched those three missed episodes and I kind of gave up on it. I want to watch it, I really do, but the three shows above this one have more priority for me at the moment. I believe so far the first two (?) seasons are on Netflix, which is great of course!

Once Upon a Time – 5 seasons, 4.5 watched

This show is incredible, and I watched seasons 1 til 3 almost immediately after they came out in America. Then season four happened, and I watched it up until the moment Anna and Elsa went back to Arendelle, and the thousandth hiatus happened, I didn’t pick up again after the second part of the season started airing. Nor when the fifth season came along. It’s all on Netflix now, so I guess I’ll have to make time for it soon, but yeah again – kind of lost interest.

So yeah, these are the five TV shows I really need to finish soon; do you have a list like this? Let me know which shows are still on your ‘I have started this but I never finished’ list.

Which TV shows do you still need to finish?