Behind the Scenes

Wrap-Up: September 2016

Honestly it feels like September had only just started. While I didn’t do much this month, it literally flew by and we’re almost onto October already. Let’s wrap things up for September then, shall we?

Books bought, received


These are the books I bought outside of the Boekenfestijn. Some books I pre-ordered, others I bought on a whim (yes I need to stop doing that. I will do that next month, I promise). I bought The Lost Symbol and The Ask and the Answer because I couldn’t find them at the Boekenfestijn; and I added Night Film and the Circle to that order because they were both cheap.


And here is my Boekenfestijn haul again, minus the comic because I couldn’t it it on the picture well. Anyway,  I am still very happy with all of this, because these were mostly books I was actually interested in, and not just books I bought ‘because they were cheap’.

Other stuff bought, received


  • One-sided lightsaber
  • Starbucks re-usable coffee mug
  • Grumpy cat socks
  • Pentagram & Deathly Hallows necklaces
  • Powerbank
  • Flannel shirt
  • Minnie Mouse jumper
  • Poncho
  • Harry Potter crop top

Yes I had already bought a lightsaber a couple of months ago, but I was going through the Action and saw they had these for sale for 3 euros or so. So I decided to bring it with me, partly because I was thinking about doing a Scarlet Witch/Star Wars cosplay?! And the grumpy cat socks just screamed at me to be bought. I got the necklaces through a friend, who was getting rid of all the necklaces he was once selling. He told me to just bid whatever I thought they were worth, and I ended up paying 5 euros in total for these two necklaces + shipping! Also the weather is turning colder, and I thought buying warm stuff would be a good idea. I also got a new winter coat, but I haven’t added it to the picture because I’m an idiot.

Read, watched, started



Next month

Next month I am getting a new tattoo! My sisters and I wanted a ‘sister’ tatoo for a while now, and next month it is finally happening. I’m getting mine for my birthday from my mum, and I am really happy with that!


Also, I’ll be trying to catch up with my reading, as I only read three new things this month. I am currently around 10 books ahead of schedule according to my Goodreads challenge, but I really just want to get out of this weird reading slump. Other than this, I don’t have much planned again, but I’ll just see what comes my way.

Want to read: Angels & Demons, The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Hammer of Thor, Gemina, Night Film.
Want to see: American Horror Story, Miss Peregrine’s, The Accountant, Pete’s Dragon, The Girl on the Train, Inferno, Doctor Strange.

How was your month?