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My Hoarding Problem: Fandom merch

Welcome to another hoarding problems post! This time it’s more merch… Fandom merch! I found out while ‘researching’ for this post that I don’t own that much Harry Potter merch, which is strange because I’ve been a huge fan of this series since I was a kid (maybe a lot of it got thrown away? I guess so). Anyway, below this text you can see all my Doctor Who merch and my Harry Potter merch! (again, apologies for the dark pictures, there’s something wrong with my camera settings and I just cannot fix it).


I’ve only been a fan of this show for less than two years (I was nineteen when I first ‘met’ the Doctor, just like Rose Tyler). But I do have quite a lot of Doctor Who merch (more than HP… h o w). My favourite piece of merch is my Fourth Doctor scarf which is so comfy and warm and everything! I also have an actual TARDIS, a sonic screwdriver, a mug, some necklaces, a phone case, a weeping angel mask (that I got when I bought some merch) and lots of other small things. Another great thing is the picture signed by Marnix van den Broeke (who played the guy on the picture).



And this is my Harry Potter merch, as you can see it’s mostly books and DVD’s. I really need to up my game and get more merch that isn’t books. My favourites are definitely the wands, and I also love the Hallows necklace! I am planning on buying more tshirts because I really don’t have a lot, and I’d love to get more wands. I also would love to own a Timeturner, and of course a Slytherin tie or scarf.

Anyway, I really just need to get more Harry Potter merch, because I have no idea where most of my old merch went. I’ll get back to you in the future when I get more merch! He he he.