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55 Questions about Reading

I found the 55 Questions about Reading tag on Tumblr, and decided to fill it in here on my blog. Let me know if you’re taking it as well, because I’d love to read your answers!

1. Favorite childhood book? Without a doubt, Harry Potter. Or Artemis Fowl. Both I guess.
2. What are you reading right now? Three books, which is really bad, but I couldn’t help it. It’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenUglies and Revived.
3. What books do you have on request at the library? I don’t own a library card, mainly because your library doesn’t have a large variety of English books, and I’d rather read English books at the moment. Maybe in the future I’ll get one if I do start getting interested in Dutch books, but I doubt it.
4. Bad book habit? I usually have paperbacks, because they’re easier to read, and I crack the spines of those paperbacks so they’re even easier to read. Unless they’re borrowed books of course, then I’m super careful with them.
5. What do you currently have checked out at the library? None, because no library card!
6. Do you have an e-reader? I do, and I currently have a lot of ebooks on there, and yet I still keep on picking up physical books. Oh well..
7. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once? I usually read two or three books at the same time, but I am trying to stop doing that because I sometimes (rarely though, but it happens) confuse two books with each other, and it’s rather annoying.
8. Have your reading habits changed since starting a blog? I definitely read more than I used to. In 2011 I even said I’d rather watch a movie than read a book, now I do the exact opposite!
9. Least favourite book you read this year (so far)? That is definitely City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
10. Favorite book you’ve read this year? The second and third book in the Across the Universe series by Beth Revis; A Million Suns and Shades of Earth!
11. How often do you read out of your comfort zone? I have a rather large comfort zone at the moment, but I think that that will shrink as I read more and more. But I don’t read books that are outside my CZ that often to be honest.


12. What is your reading comfort zone? Young Adult, mostly fantasy and science fiction. Dystopia belongs there as well. The only thing I am really not interested in at the moment is adult books, although there are some exceptions to that.
13. Can you read on the bus? I can basically read anywhere, but mostly I need to listen to music as well if it’s a crowded place. (I get distracted by people talking very often, even when I’m not reading).
14. Favorite place to read? Definitely my room, because that is the place I feel most comfortable and where I can (almost) control the noise in the background.
15. What is your policy on book lending? I’ll only lend it to people I actually trust – like my sister or my best friend.
16. Do you ever dog-ear books? No, I always find something to put in between the pages, sometimes I even use my phone to hold the place while I search for a bookmark or something flat like that.
17. Do you ever write in the margins of your books? Nope, I don’t even put my name in the book.
18. Not even with text books? Nope, I use a piece of paper if I need to make notes.
19. What is your favourite language to read in? English, definitely!
20. What makes you love a book? Well honestly it’s different every time. Sometimes it’s the characters, sometimes the writing, sometimes the world they’re in. But I think that loving the characters is a big factor in loving a book in general!
21. What will inspire you to recommend a book? Honestly, if I rate it five or four stars I am most likely going to recommend it to people!
22. Favorite genre? Fantasy and Science Fiction


23. Genre you rarely read (but wish you did)? Horror books, but that is because I still haven’t found anything that’s horror worthy in my opinion.
24. Favourite biography? I’ve never really read a biography to be honest.
25. Have you ever read a self-help book? Nope..
26. Favourite cookbook? The Unofficial Harry Potter cookbook, though I haven’t tried out anything yet!
27. Most inspirational book you’ve read this year (fiction or non-fiction)? Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan.
28. Favorite reading snack? Crisps or cookies; with some tea or something cold (coca cola or fanta or sprite)
29. Name a case in which hype ruined your reading experience. Kind of because I had expected to hate it, but hoped I wouldn’t and then I did hate it and it was all like ‘should’ve listened to those haters’.
30. How often do you agree with critics about a book? Not very often, but I just don’t give a damn about what the critics think to be honest, because they just have different opinions and that’s all it is.
31. How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews? Not really, because the author should realise that there can be negative reviews about their book.
32. If you could read in a foreign language, which language would you chose? Welsh and Norse!
33. Most intimidating book you’ve ever read? Can’t think of anything at the moment.

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34. Most intimidating book you’re too nervous to begin? The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. It’s so big and there is so much that’s happening in that book I am just so scared I will have forgotten everything I’ve read by the time I finish.
35. Favorite Poet? I have never read any poetry books, because that’s not really my cup of tea.
36. How many books do you usually have checked out of the library at any given time? No library card. But from the time I did have one, I borrowed around three to four books each time. I think that was the limit for my type of card.
37. How often have you returned books to the library unread? Maybe one every three months or so, but nine out of ten times, I read all the books I checked out!
38. Favorite fictional character? Ever since I read Order of the Phoenix, it’s been Luna Lovegood.
39. Favourite fictional villain? Bellatrix Lestrange, cuz she so evil and Helena Bonham Carter is great!
40. Books I’m most likely to bring on vacation? Maybe one or two, and I bring my ereader which has a lot of books on it!
41. The longest I’ve gone without reading. A couple of years, from the time I finished the last Harry Potter book until 2011 – ok I read some books each year between that, but not as excessive as I do now!
42. Name a book that you could/would not finish. Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I got to this one part where I just couldn’t get through, and I put it down. Still haven’t picked it up.
43. What distracts you easily when you’re reading? People talking, my phone beeping or my computer in general. I usually read while being on my computer on the same time, and yeah that’s probably not a good idea.
44. Favorite film adaptation of a novel? The Lord of the Rings trilogy, they are even better than the books in my opinion. Shocking, right? No really I loved those movies ever since I was 9 or 10 years old, and I will always prefer them over the books to be honest.


45. Most disappointing film adaptation? Definitely the Percy Jackson movies. Such a shame!
46. The most money I’ve ever spent in the bookstore at one time? I guess around forty to fifty euros, but that was probably around my birthday so I guess that’s justified! He he he..
47. How often do you skim a book before reading it? Nope, maybe I’ll leaf through it to see if it smells like books (you know exactly what smell I mean), but I don’t go and read passages, because I’m afraid I will spoil myself.
48. What would cause you to stop reading a book half-way through? If I really don’t like it I’ll usually stop – if the book is boring, or the writing is crappy. If I have no feeling towards the characters or the plot I stop. And love triangles mostly, but sometimes I just keep reading to see if the main character ends up with the person I wanted her/him to end up with.
49. Do you like to keep your books organized? Right now I have them organised on alphabetical order according to the last name of the author, it’s probably the only part of my room that I keep very organised!
50. Do you prefer to keep books or give them away once you’ve read them? I usually keep them, but if there’s a book I really didn’t like or one that I think ‘I am never going to reread this’, I will (try to) get rid of it.
51. Are there any books you’ve been avoiding? Twilight, and books about vampire and werewolves in general.
52. Name a book that made you angry. Harry Potter made me angry (so many character deaths) and so did Shades of Earth by Beth Revis. Also City of Bones but that’s for a whole different reason.
53. A book you didn’t expect to like but did? Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.
54. A book that you expected to like but didn’t? City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.
55. Favorite guilt-free, pleasure reading? Ehm… I have no idea, to be honest.