Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #17

We have reached the end of another month, damn this year is going by extremely fast! September was a quiet month, where I also didn’t read a lot, but where I did buy a lot of books. More on that in my wrap-up, which should be posted tomorrow! Let’s take a look at the second part of September! (First part can be found here).


Went to see The Lion King in the cinema! Our Pathé cinemas had ‘Disney weeks’ where they showed a couple of classic Disney movies, including The Lion King. Seeing as Tanja had never seen this movie before, I dragged her to it (she liked it so yay!)


I decided I wanted to rewatch the first season of American Horror Story, and so one night, Tanja and I watched a couple of the episodes. I really like the first season a lot, and I am planning on really watching the other seasons as well (I’ll do it for Evan, to be honest).


When you go shopping and you don’t plan on buying anything, but Tom Hiddleston is staring at you and you just have to bring these two dvds along with you. Yeah, oops?


My sister and I were supposed to eat pizza a couple of days ago, but our parents took us along for sushi as a surprise. Still, I was craving pizza, and so yeah we ate pizza.


Yeah well, when you’re bored you gotta do something. I bought some stickers with which I can indicate which books I still need to read (or reread) and decided to just put them all together in one big rainbow shelf.


And so this is what my shelves look like right now. For some reason, I now have more space than I had before, but that will no doubt be filled up pretty soon.


After biting and scratching my hand to the point where I was actually begging her to let go, she slept next to me happily while I finished American Horror Story.


I finally have a laptop again! It’s a Frankenstein laptop though, with parts from other laptops put together, but I am so happy to be able to just sit on my bed with it on my lap and just watch stuff on a bigger screen than my tablet!


FINALLY caught a Pikachu! To be honest, I don’t like Pikachu a lot but I did really want one. Also, I was the ‘owner’ of a gym for a whole five minutes!


Tanja and I decided to go to Kijkduin, which was dubbed the Pokémon capital of the Netherlands. We spent our whole afternoon there, and I caught so. many. pokémon!!! Honestly, if you want to go there, go as soon as you can because it is really incredible.


What wasn’t incredible, was the weather. It wasn’t really warm and there was no sun, and it actually rained for fifteen minutes or so. Also, the wind was blowing really hard, and we literally had sand EVERYWHERE after a while. Ugh. Sand.

That moment when someone announces there’s a Kabutops on the beach, and the whole crowd starts running that way. We were like ‘oh well let’s follow the crowd and see if we can catch it or not’. We did, but man the amount of people actually running as if their lives depended on it.


We ended our evening eating at a Greek restaurant called Apollo. It was delicious and I nearly finished this entire plate! What I liked about this restaurant is that you could make a reservation online, which is good for people with social anxiety like myself. (I hate having to call a company for something, so usually, I just let someone else do that).

How was your month?