Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #16

This post is perhaps a little late, due to hot weather and not enough motivation to sit behind a computer. But here is the Behind the Scenes post for the first two-and-a-half weeks of September! Like I’d said in my Wrap-Up for August, not a lot happened and not a lot will happen this month, which is totally fine by me! But still, there was enough that happened for me to have sixteen pictures to show you this time! Let’s start!


I ordered a shirt from Ebay that is exactly like Quicksilver’s shirt from Age of Ultron. It arrived really quickly and fits perfectly, which always makes me extremely happy! I can’t wait to cosplay this version of Quickie sometime.


I was invited to a Harry Potter themed wedding, and Tanja and I decided to make a card ourselves. I was in charge of writing the envelope, and I decided to write Alohomora on it, seeing as it’s supposed to be opened.


A couple of hours before the wedding, Tanja came to my house to do my hair and make-up. I was really happy with everything, especially the eyeshadow, yay! (Not that I am going to wear make-up now, don’t worry XD)


After the ceremony was over, the wedding party began, and we noticed that the sky was such a beautiful colour! Naturally, I had to take a picture of the setting sun!


When there’s a (gay) wedding there’s (rainbow) cake! The brides made the cake and cupcakes (and the Potter-themed decorations ánd their wedding dresses) themselves and it was delicious!


Obligatory selfie! The only one who’s not on the picture is Tanja, but that was – I believe – because she went to the toilet. Oh well..


My mum thought I needed new shoes, because my Vans are nearly falling apart. So when Kruidvat had Converse for sale, she told me to pick out a pair. The black ones were sold out in my size already, but I decided to go for these blue ones! they’re a little brighter than the picture said, but I honestly don’t mind at all!


I was feeling a bit ‘meh’ one day and I was bored so I decided to go through my bookshelves and pick out a bunch of books I didn’t want anymore. A couple of these I already gave away, and the rest I am going to give away/sell at some point this year. The money will mostly go into my trip to London next year.


My dad, sister and I went to the Makro again and went through the McDonalds drive-through afterwards. But don’t tell my mum!


Typical. It’s September, it’s 31 degrees Celcius, and the leaves are turning brown. My mum said it was because of the heat, but honestly I do think that they’ve been turning brown because autumn is coming as well (seeing as all the chestnut trees have been turning brown and losing chestnuts already).


She was so cute, lying all stretched out on her back like this. So I gave her a little toy mouse to cuddle with!


My sister cut and dyed my hair, because I wanted it to be one colour again. I think it worked out alright, and I am feeling much happier now that my hair is this short again. This is probably the shortest I’ll ever go with my hair, because I don’t think anything shorter will fit me.

2016-09-15-12-58-24 2016-09-16-01-25-59

And then it was time for the Boekenfestijn! Tanja and I met up with a friend of ours, who wanted to come along with me since last year. I chucked a lot of books in my trolley throughout the day (Tanja and I were there around 11:30, Lisa arrived at around 15:30-ish), but ended up bringing ‘only’ thirteen books with me.


I came home after a long day of walking around the Jaarbeurs for the Boekenfestijn, and Disney was having a mood. She was very cuddly all of a sudden and came to sit next to me. It was all very cute, up until the moment she started licking my arm and armpit. Then she started biting my cardigan, until finally she ‘posed’ like this for the camera. What a loser.

And that concludes this post! As you can see, it was a quiet first half of the month, but I do think I really needed it.

How was your month so far?