Behind the Scenes #15

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The last part of August was all about Comic Con, and nice food! Let me take you back to week three and four of August 2016!

2016-08-17 19.22.34

We went to my favourite restaurant in Haarlem (Novecento, if you’re ever there, check it out!) to eat something before going to see Café Society. I ordered my usual pizza, and gods it was delicious!

2016-08-17 22.55.51

Obligatory Snapchat selfie!

2016-08-19 12.28.06

We’ve had this little dragon for over a year now, and look how much she’s grown! She’s still really adorable and very playful, although now her teeth and nails are a lot sharper than they used to be, ouch.

2016-08-20 21.33.00

Went to Tanja’s house and we made Hutspot. I added some pieces of bacon to my portion, she had the sausage in the top pan. We rewatched Now You See Me 2 and decided we wanted to learn how to throw cards (I was rather good, if I may say so myself, and Tanja got better after some practice)!

2016-08-21 17.55.19

My lovely bookshelves! I decided to put my series shelf in rainbow style as well because I really just love the way it looks! I didn’t add my Harry Potter books though because I don’t like seeing HP books out of order.

2016-08-24 19.03.17

My mum and sister went to Groningen for two days, and so my dad and I went to eat sushi. We made it all the way to round 11, but that was because this restaurant counts drinks (which you can also order via the tablet) as separate rounds. Oh well, at least we ate a lot and I was really happy that I finally got to eat sushi again!

2016-08-26 12.35.53

It was really warm, and though I work outside, I really don’t like it at all. I can’t stand the heat, but I started my day early and it was a little more bearable because of that.

2016-08-26 21.19.47

I threw this card randomly, and it got stuck in the radiator, so yeah I guess that’s an accomplishment!

2016-08-27 11.40.08

One of the first people I saw at ACC on Saturday was my ‘dad’. He jokingly called me his man-daughter, which was alright with me, ha ha ha!

2016-08-27 13.32.40

Logan, my other two dads and Jubilee did the classic X-Men pose!

2016-08-27 13.47.09-1

These guys were from some special show that’s happening in Ahoy in November I believe, and you could take a picture with them. We first did an X-Men vs Avengers thing, where I got kicked by Spidey, but the pictures didn’t really work out (someone was filming us, and you can see us in this video at 0:21), so we came back later to take this picture. I think Ant-Man’s like ‘Peter, wtf r u doing?’

2016-08-27 16.41.37-1

Family portrait! We are missing our second dad though, but I think he was too busy killing humans because Mutant Supremacy.

2016-08-27 16.43.09

No family gathering is complete without the obligatory derp-selfie with your twin! We look so much alike, don’t you think?!

2016-08-27 18.52.58

We hadn’t really eaten anything at the con because it was expensive and there were long lines, so we decided to eat at one of the restaurants close to the Rai. The first night we ate at this tiny pizza place, and this was my delicious pizza! The second night we went to a snackbar and I had chips with a kroket (I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s delicious and y’all should try it when you’re in my country!)

2016-08-28 19.24.47-1

On day two of ACC I went dressed up as Jessica Jones (this is literally the only good picture I have of my costume? Oops) and we had our photo-op with Sean Astin! He’s so cute, and I’m so happy that he was there, ahhhh! Two hobbits down, three to go!

2016-08-29 19.56.21

I kind of made an impulse buy and bought both Hux (cuz Domhnall Gleeson) and Finn from Star Wars. I love my little Star Wars family! <3

So this was my August, how was yours? Tomorrow I’ll post my wrap-up, and I’ll show you what else I bought at ACC!

See you in September!
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