We’re halfway through August already, which was the part where I went to Castlefest and finished reading The Cursed Child. Let’s take a look at the first two weeks of this month!

2016-08-02 18-1

Tanja came back from London with my copy of The Cursed Child! It was inside this bag which was really cool! I love the cover very much. Did I love the story? Well, I’ll be posting a review with my full opinion tomorrow, but let’s just say I didn’t love it.

2016-08-04 01-1

Through some people I found this app called Prisma, which makes your pictures into actual artworks. I really love this filter, so I used it on a bunch of pictures. I only saved this one though..

2016-08-06 14-1

And then it was time for Castlefest! I went as Quicksilver, while Tanja went as Jubilee. We met a Wolverine and one other Quicksilver, and that was about all the X-Men cosplayers that we saw (there were plenty of other Marvel cosplayers though).

2016-08-06 15-1

This castle is just so beautiful, and the field around it is always filled with people. This is literally where we spent most of the day. Sometimes we went for a walk to look at the stalls or to get something to eat, but mostly we just sat here with a couple of friends, talking about a lot of stuff.

2016-08-06 16-1

The other Quicksilver I saw! Upon seeing each other we were like ‘YESSSSSS *hugs*’ and then of course I had to take a picture! I am trying to look tough, which is partly due to the sun shining in my eyes. Oh well. (He said my hair was better and I was like ‘yeah it’s a wig tho’).

2016-08-07 12-1

I also had my first actual cosplay photoshoot! Usually people just take a picture and walk away (sometimes without even giving me a card or anything) but our friend Arlette had brought her camera and took a couple of pictures of us. Can’t wait to see the rest, but I really like this one!

2016-08-09 17-1

I do hope this isn’t a spoiler-y picture, but this just made me laugh SO HARD. Because it reminded me of Ajax/Francis from Deadpool so much.

2016-08-10 16-1

And then I finished it. I read part one in one day, and part two in one day, partly because I didn’t want to rush it and partly because the ending of the first part was so ridiculous I spent a huge amount laughing and being scared the second part would be even worse.

2016-08-11 22-1

Years ago, I lost my copies of both Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban (the Dutch editions). At the beginning of this year, I got a ‘new’ (secondhand, but he’d never read it) copy of PoA from my friend’s (then) boyfriend. And a couple of days ago we were in line to pay at the Albert Heijn at Schiphol when I noticed a bookshelf. I also noticed there was a copy of Goblet of Fire and something that looked like CoS. My friend checked and it turned out to be CoS, so I took it (it’s one of those ‘take one book, leave one book’ shelves, only I didn’t have a book to leave behind, which I will do in the future). Now I have two complete sets of Harry Potter books again, and I am so happy!

2016-08-13 14-1

My old bag was falling apart, and I had been looking for a new one for ages. Then we walked into Primark, and this bag was the first bag I saw. It looked as if it was big enough to hold a book as well, and I ended up buying a book to check (just kidding, I bought the book because I wanted it). I feel so happy with my new bag, and that for only ten euros!

2016-08-13 17-1

This cat likes attention. I was reading a book, and not paying attention to her, and she literally jumped onto my lap (almost fell off as well, resulting in her sticking her nails into my arm) and went to lie down like this so I couldn’t read my book anymore. Clever cat.

And so we’ve come to the end of another post. The upcoming two weeks will be great as well, hopefully, with Amsterdam Comic-Con to look forward to. I still need to finish one of my costumes (though I do have a reserve costume ready in case I am not happy with the result) but I do hope it won’t be too difficult.

How was your month so far?